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Numerology analysis for secondary name for
environmental activist
Erin Brockovich
First Name  Erin                  1  Leader, fearless integrity 
Last Name   Brockovich            7  Research; skeptic; truth-teller
Destiny                           8  Executive, confront authority; corporations
Heart's Desire                    8  Executive, bring justice, opinion-leader
Personality                       9  Humanitarian bring justice, help many people
Habit Challenge                14/5  Rebellious, karmic crusader energy
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  1  Develop self-confidence, doing what's right
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  7  Faith
Day of Birth                   22/4  Mastery in peserverance, vision
Birthpath                         8  Executive, decisive, assertive
Realization                    16/7  Outsider, karmic mission to reveal truth
Physically                        3  Out-going energetic communicator
Mentally                          1  Quick sharp witty original thinker
Emotionally                       6  Committed demonstrative anxious
Spiritually                       4  Pragmatic, loyal, persevering

The Name Grid for her secondary name of Erin Brockovich shows the Line of the Director (3/6/9)

With this name, her energy is centered into the role of leader, spokesperson, and communicator to a large audience (highest number is 9, the number of the masses). The power of this line is beautifully manifested through the movie titled with her name, starring Julia Roberts, about her role in the biggest settlement on record for a civil class action lawsuit.

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