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Numerology Analysis For Erin L E Pattee June-22-1960

Erin Brockovich, the reknowned environmental activist was born Erin L E Pattee (according to my web search). Brockovich became known following her ground-breaking work as a paralegal on a pro bono real estate case, when she discovered that Pacific Gas and Electric, a California public utility company, was contaminating a town's water supply. She then knocked on doors to discuss the problem with residents and helped plaintiffs win $333 million in damages in one of the largest class-action lawsuits in history. Afterwards, a film was made about her life, starring Julia Roberts. Please see the additional numerology analysis for the name Erin Brockovich. Here is what Erin's birth name highlighted:

First Name  Erin                  1   Leader, fearless integrity
Middle Name L                     3   Communicator, creative
Middle Name E                     5   Rebel, progressive
Last Name   Pattee             22/4   Mastery in material efforts
Destiny                           4  Doer, activist, environmental concerns
Heart's Desire                    3  Communicator, bring positive message
Personality                    19/1  Influencer, leader, whistle-blower
Habit Challenge                   3  Need to stay positive, develop communication
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  4  Develop perseverance, earth-related focus
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  6  Responsibility; teacher
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  8  Confront power, financial interests
Day of Birth                   22/4  Mastery in overcoming obstacles, vision
Birthpath                         8  Executive, opinion leader, authoritative
Realization                       3  Communicator, foster optimism
Physically                        5  Active impulsive adaptable rebel
Mentally                          1  Quick sharp smart thinks outside the box
Emotionally                       3  Upbeat, good social skills, loves life
Spiritually                       3  Intuitive persuasive optimistic

Her Name Grid has the Line of Achievement (1, 5, 9). The number 5 occurs the most times, indicating a person with a natural ability to broadcast ideas.

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