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Numerology Delineation For
Cassius Marcellus Clay (Jr. is not included in calculation)
First Name         1 Cassius  Confident, Pioneer, Ambitious
Middle Name        5 Marcellus  Physical, Active, Rebellious, Boxer
Last Name          5 Clay  Physical, Active, Controversial, Activist
Destiny         11/2 Inspirer  Role Model, Famous, Celebrity
Heart's Desire  14/5 Rebel  Provocative, Love of Freedom, Activist 
.                    Counter- culture Icon
Personality        6 Teacher   Loyal, Responsible, Warm
Habit Challenge    2 Learns Value of Patience, Humility, Peacemaking
.                    Became a Conscientious Objector in Vietnam War
KARMIC LESSON(S)   2 Lesson of Patience, Tact, Drawn to Peaceful Efforts
KARMIC LESSON(S)   6 Lesson of Service
KARMIC LESSON(S)   8 Lesson about Authority, Power, Money
.                    Confronted the US Government and Won His Case
.                    Overturning Conviction for Draft Evasion
Day of Birth      17 Brilliant, Strong, Successful, Powerful
Birthpath       16/7 Outsider, Spiritual, Deep, Overcame Karma of Arrest
.                    for Draft Evasion and Losing Four Years of Peak
.                    Professional Years
Realization        9 Humanitarian, Civil Rights Activist, World-figure
Physically         2 Patient, thoughtful, task-oriented, friendly
Mentally           7 Different,  intuitive, eccentric
Emotionally        8 Good judge of character, proud, committed, confident
Spiritually        3 Psychic, persuasive, optimistic, communicator of      
.                    spiritual beliefs
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to age 29)     9 World Famous, Olympic Gold Medal
.                                      Civil Rights Activist, Humanitarian
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to age 29)    7 Spiritual Lessons
SECOND PINNACLE (30 to age 38)       6 Service, Teaching, Religious
SECOND CHALLENGE (30 to age 38)      1 World-famous, Leader
THIRD PINNACLE (39 to age 47)        6 Service, Teaching, Religious
THIRD CHALLENGE (39 to age 47)       6 Many Burdens, Service, Health
FOURTH PINNACLE (48 to end of life)  8 Power, Authority, Financial Focus
FOURTH CHALLENGE (48 to end of life) 6 Many Responsibilities, Service, Health

The Name Grid below shows the occurrence of letters in the name Cassius Marcellus Clay.


This is a man with a Herculean amount of ambition and talent as shown in the Ruling Passion of the number THREE, (he has a total of eight C's, L's, and U's in his name each with the value and energy of Three). He is truly the Great Communicator, The Champion, and was known for his out-size confidence. Multi-talented he was an actor, writer, "trash-talker" and rhyming phenomenon, anticipating hip-hop and rap music. It is no wonder that his motto was famously, "I'm the Greatest", with an amazing seven letters in his name with a value of ONE. Not only that, but his Line of Focus is found in the vertical 1, 2, 3 line, which has the potential for achievement, personal fame, or exceptional talent that would make his name a household word.

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