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Numerology Delineation For
Muhammad Ali
First Name         11/2 Muhammad  Spiritual, Inspirational, Famous
Last Name             4 Ali    Strong, Practical, Dedicated, Determined
Destiny               6 Teacher    Service, Strong Beliefs
Heart's Desire        6 Teacher  Service, Strong Morals
Personality           9 Humanitarian  Desire to Teach, Preach 
Habit Challenge  11/2 Lessons of Patience, Tact, Conscientious Objector
KARMIC LESSON(S)    2 Lessons of Patience, Tact, Conscientious Objector
KARMIC LESSON(S)    5 Desire to Foster Freedom, be Adaptable, Activist
KARMIC LESSON(S)    6 Preach, Teach, Responsibility
KARMIC LESSON(S)    7 Drawn to Spiritual Principles
Day of Birth       17 Brilliant, Strategist, Authoritative, Executive
Birthpath        16/7 Outsider, Spiritual, Different, Karmic Lessons to 
.                     Learn
Realization      13/4 Transformer Desire to Change, Bring Freedom, Heal
.                     Injustice
Physically          4 Practical, Disciplined, Organised, Determined
Mentally            4 Practical, Goal-oriented, Realistic
Emotionally         2 Loving, Senstitive, Peacemaker
Spiritually         1 Intuitive, Idealistic. Independent Thinker, 
.                     Moralistic

In 1964 after winning the Olympic Gold Medal for boxing and becoming the undisputed World Champion, Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali and became a member of the Nation of Islam, (actions which created controversy at the time for various reasons). The name change now gives him a Name Grid (below) with a new Line of Focus: The Line of Foundation (1,4,7).


This focus in now based in fundamental principles, potentially fueling a desire to change the very roots of society and culture. No wonder he was a life-long civil-rights activist with strong spiritual beliefs (having no letters with a value of 7 actually encourages spiritual study).

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