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Universal Year Forecast for 2017




by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Last year, in rambunctious, unpredictable 2016 (a NINE Universal Year), the campaign and election process in the United States undoubtedly raised our collective emotions to a new level. Powerful and conflicting factions expressed the NINE Universal Year's propensity for emotional volatility. Some might say that 2016 brought an end of business as usual—at least in politics and geo-politics.

Big changes are already taking place, and will continue to accelerate into 2017.

The Universal Year vibration for 2017 is the dynamic, bold, surprising, pioneering ONE.

The year 2017 is the first year of a new nine-year cycle for the planetary calendar. Where Universal Year 2016—NINE—brought forward issues of inclusion versus elitism, identity politics, global climate changes, and war worries, ONE will begin to initiate specific changes to targeted areas. It's time now to find new ways to work together to nourish and celebrate this global family—and take action.


The worldly spheres of influence of the ONE tend to be on:

  • Innovative efforts to bring new forms into being when things fall apart or fail to meet demand; out-moded structures will be replaced or tossed out completely.
  • Nationalism. Nations jockey for leadership, shift alliances, or change their leadership.
  • Leadership or dictatorship? The roles of world leaders may be more in the spotlight; 2016 already saw the death of Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, ending an old era in that country; the European Union continues on an uncertain path, perhaps with other populations demanding independence.
  • Sustainable energy sources. The archetypal vibration of One is a basic thrust to usher in new, more effective and integrated technology; business begins to see that it makes more sense to control emissions, and turn to solar, wind, geothermal or such resources.
  • Assertiveness or aggressiveness? The continuum of the bold, active, decisive ONE energy tends to polarize issues and demand action which could lead to proliferation of armed conflicts.
  • Surge in startups, inventions, and entrepreneurship is typical of the ONE's drive to be independent, fill a unique need, or bring a new idea into being.
  • Charitable giving may decrease as people feel they must concentrate on their own endeavors; however innovations could address ills of homelessness or health care.
  • Continued dramatic shifts in weather and geological events. We may develop better systems for weather predicting, but still experience continuing powerful storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. A strong protest faction may shine needed light on climate change issues.

The subtle individual influences of the numbers comprising the One Universal year of 2017 are:

2 A millennial demand for cooperation and peace.

0 Increasing development of human consciousness and the need for more enlightened decisions.

1 Innovations; courage and boldness in individual actions; pioneering breakthroughs.

7 The importance of faith; technological breakthroughs; archeological discoveries; issues of surveillance and secrets; an upsurge of big business deals and questions of monopolies in some industries.

How The One Universal Vibration of 2017

Impacts Your Personal Year

To find your Personal Year for 2017:

  • Add your month and day of birth to 2017.
  • Reduce the total to one digit.

  • The one-digit total is your Personal Year number in 2017. For example, if you were born on July 27 add: 7 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8 Personal Year. Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.

Personal Year 1 in 2017—Matching Universal Year ONE gives you even more energy and opportunity for new directions; more desire for independence; feeling that a new phase of life is coming.

Purpose: Personal growth; find courage to be yourself or take action; develop a new interest.

Relationship: Beginnings or changes; becoming more assertive; surprising yourself.

Career: Promotion; opportunities to lead; excel; job changes; new field; possible scandal.

Personal Challenge: Listen to intuition; act with integrity; boldness; courage; authentic choices.

Personal Year 2 in 2017—With the active Universal ONE vibration this year acting on your TWO Personal Year, look for changes to partnerships and associations; potential for making new and advantageous connections.

Purpose: Learning the value of interdependence in relationships; listen to intuition; interest in the arts; desire to learn.

Relationship: Decisions or changes result in becoming happier and more balanced; may experience shifts in status; potential for financial gain or loss through relationship.

Career: Favors germination of new ideas rather than hasty implementation; need for improved technical and people skills; need for patience, strategic alliances; cooperation.

Personal Challenge: Try to convert anxieties into reasonable action steps; question risky schemes that intuitively don't feel right; improve or learn new skills.

Personal Year 3 in 2017—Likely to bring unexpected good fortune in areas of finances, love, childbirth, creative careers, and sales; avoid schemes that are not well thought out; may have a moment in the limelight.

Purpose: Generally feeling more optimism and creativity; likely to break through blocks more easily; more time to enjoy life; realizing that something you visualized has happened; success comes from putting elements and ideas together in unusual ways.

Relationship: Increased social life; birth; joy; sexual triangles; possible charm and deception.

Career: Shifting priorities; new interests and opportunities; periods of free time; birth of an idea; moving ahead on a dream; may be in involved in hospitality, travel, sports, or sales.

Personal Challenge: Focus and courage are needed; poor choices could result in harm to reputation.

Personal Year 4 in 2017—Time to get serious about your plans; potential for challenging business conditions or broken promises; a brilliant solution could help you advance; personal desire to make improvements for your self and your family.

Purpose: The Universal ONE vibration could put lift beneath your wings as you journey toward making a dream a reality; a bit of pessimism may actually foster more realistic decisions; be prudent—with flair.

Relationship: Beginning of a new commitment; marriage; move to a better location; potential for a test of loyalty; potential for conflicting expectations.

Career: Plans may be scrapped for a better idea based on market conditions; extra efforts clear debts; may be building a business.

Personal Challenge: Knowing when to persevere or let go; motivated towards self-discipline and self-sufficiency.

Personal Year 5 in 2017—Big changes more likely with the powerful Universal ONE vibration fueling your Five; increased restlessness; desire or opportunity for travel, adventure, or moves; change in status; desire to strike out on your own.

Purpose: Let out your inner non-conformist; explore; work on your health; win a competition; bounce back.

Relationship: Possible surprises or conflicts; uncertainties; sexual issues; affairs; breakups.

Career: Changing interests; unexpected opportunities; obstacles dissolve; thinking about starting a business or diversifying.

Personal Challenge: Risky propositions; impulsiveness; over-busyness becomes counter-productive; procrastination; failure to move with the times; possible weight changes; less ability for self-discipline.

Personal Year 6 in 2017—Improvements in finances; increased responsibilities in home and family; desire to put down roots or move to a better neighborhood.

Purpose: To improve comfort and security in family, home, community, educational, and health areas.

Relationship: New love; marriage; births; loyalty questions; possible separation or divorce; family duties.

Career: Opportunity for leadership; promotion and responsibilities; adapting to new technologies.

Personal Challenge: Role reversals; feeling overbooked; care of others; stress related health issues.

Personal Year 7 in 2017—Desire to simplify, turn to nature; possibly dealing with deceit or disappointing financial decisions; time spent in thinking, meditating, research, prayer.

Purpose: Time to review what's most important; step back; streamline; simplify; understanding more about yourself.

Relationship: Periods of feeling lonely or out of place; may be adjusting to changes in lifestyle; solitude brings insight; affairs or secrets may be disclosed.

Career: Your expertise is well-rewarded; may take out a patent; enjoy a good reputation; tendency to trust intuition over pure logic; need for learning; research; synchronicity could lead to a different path.

Personal Challenge: Fears of the unknown; must trust that your purpose is unfolding exactly as it should; find a spiritual perspective or connection.

Personal Year 8 in 2017—With the generative power of Universal Year ONE in conjunctions with your Personal Year EIGHT, look for major successes or promotion; assets increase; desire to make the most of a situation; possible confrontations with law or justice system; elective surgeries; spending on expensive travel, upgrades, new home, or social functions.

Purpose: Extra need for decisiveness and good judgment; huge opportunities; high leadership profile; best to move decisively, but must not cut corners.

Relationship: Possible marriage or divorce; high stakes legal matters; may struggle with career priorities of both partners.

Career: Very favorable for starting new business venture; potential for receiving financial assistance or awards; your book becoming published; potential for moving into supervisory or leadership role; sense of success; money in the bank.

Personal Challenge: Stress from working too hard; events may bring a need to hire a lawyer; strongly advised to avoid aggressiveness, over-optimism, or failing to listen to intuition.

Personal Year 9 in 2017 –At the other end of the spectrum from Universal Year ONE's ambitious, driven energy, you may feel little energy to start anything new; this is the end of a nine-year phase of existence for you; likely to feel that this is the end of an era; a good time to complete a phase, project, or life goal; desire to travel; decisions to volunteer and give back; efforts of last eight years are paying off; possible choice between a new direction and staying the course for the next nine years.

Purpose: Universal vibration ONE brings increased potential for sudden shifts to your already volatile NINE Personal Year; events deepen your sense of empathy and compassion; letting go with forgiveness; gratitude for life's blessings.

Relationship: Potential for emotional swings if loss or despair threatens to overcome you; an old obstacle could be cleared; while depression is possible under extreme stress, generally you have a better sense of trusting yourself; may say goodbye to someone; romantic love could also bloom now.

Career: Changing interests; potential for boredom, job lay-off, or retirement; both gains and losses; efforts bring recognition and you may receive awards; humanitarian efforts are rewarded.

Personal Challenge: Letting go of fear; moving on from disappointments; going with the flow; becoming more accepting and philosophical; tolerance; blowing the whistle on a wrong.

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Wishing you well in 2017. Learn to embrace change. Believe in yourself and your dreams; Enjoy your new opportunities and interests!

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.


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