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Numerology for Chadwick Aaron Boseman


Chadwick Aaron Boseman

Actor, Movie Star, Humanitarian

November 29, 1976 – August 28, 2020

Internationally-known actor Chadwick Boseman died of cancer at age forty-three.

His career included several starring roles in diverse and influential movies, such as Black Panther, 42 (playing baseball legend Jackie Robinson, Get On Up (in the role of singer, James Brown), and Marshall (playing Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall).

Given a life which emphasized themes of history, culture, drama, brotherhood, and racial equality, it is no surprise that the number Nine figures so strongly in his numerology chart.


Chadwick        8        Professional Success, Authority, Motivated to Achieve, Wealth

Aaron            22/4    “Master Builder,” Visionary, Exceptional, Difference-Maker

Boseman        6       Responsible, Community-Oriented, Strong Family Ties

                  36/9    Destiny


Destiny           9        Dramatic Expression, Humanitarianism, Spiritual Faith

Day of Birth  29/11 “Master Number,” The Inspirer, Fame, Celebrity, Limelight, Messenger

Birth Path       9        Dramatic Flair, Philosophical, Potential for Making a Cultural Impact

Realization     9      “All or Nothing” Life, Dramatic Arts, Completion of Karmic Goal

                            Advocating for Brotherhood, Compassion, and Education

Karmic Lesson 7:

The only missing letters (pinpointing a karmic lesson) in his name were those with a value of 7.

A 7 karmic lesson would lead him to be interested in scholarship, history, and spiritual subjects. He would likely protect and value personal time away from the spotlight.

Nine Birth Path (total from birth date):

Indicates that Boseman was a person with multiple artistic talents, a humanitarian by nature, with a flair for dramatic expression. Boseman was known for his warmth, grace, humble presence, and generosity—typical expressions of number Nine.

Demonstrating the compassion aspect of Nine, Boseman was also known for humanitarian activities, such as visiting young cancer patients, and helping to better the lives of urban kids. Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wrote: "To be young, gifted, and Black; to use that power to give them heroes to look up to; to do it all while in pain – what a use of his years." Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, tweeted, "The true power of Chadwick Boseman was bigger than anything we saw on screen. From the Black Panther to Jackie Robinson, he inspired generations and showed them they can be anything they want — even superheroes."  

Nine Destiny (from his full name) portends:

That Boseman will likely encounter people, situations, and opportunities, by which he can make use of his potential as a 9 Birth Path.

That matching Destiny and Birth Path is likely to result in worldly success (or the complete opposite). Nine is sometimes referred to as an “all or nothing” quality—meaning that someone must dedicate themselves to working to inform, uplift, enlighten, and encourage. A 9 Destiny requires applying one's efforts for the good of many. Only by striving to serve humanity will they, ironically, be able to reap material and spiritual rewards such as wisdom, fame, and wealth.

That if a person with a 9 Destiny thinks only of themselves, or fails to develop their talents--living selfishly or indulgently—the resulting life might be viewed as squandered. However, even up to the last minute, there is always a potential for forgiveness, spiritual growth, and redemption.

That with 9, Boseman had the potential for a powerful impact on a broad scale.

That his life will tend to be dramatic, challenging, and surprising.

That while 9 can reach the heights of attainment, there is no guarantee.

Nine Realization of Ultimate Achievement

Adding Boseman's 9 Birth Path (natural self) to his 9 Destiny (what he must achieve) results in a Realization number of 9.

Not surprising for someone with a 9 Birth Path and 9 Destiny, his most noted film roles were of historically significant lives, not to mention Marvel Comics superhero, Black Panther. With three major world-impacting 9's in his chart, this is a man who is more motivated by the chance to uplift others, rather than by a quest for personal fame.

Old Soul

With two Master Number 11's in his birthday of November 29 (11), Chadwick Boseman was an Old Soul.

Old Souls are sometimes described as having evolved through the trials of many lifetimes, managing to attain (and retain) mastery, a philosophical outlook, and wisdom.

Old Souls may decide to take birth again for a particular reason, or to experience a certain kind of life condition (including challenging ones). The life purpose may be connected with finishing unfinished karmic business, expressing talents previously developed, completing a mission, or assisting humanity, among other reasons. His 9 Realization suggests that he achieved much of what he came here to do.


for the name Chadwick Aaron Boseman


(Each circle on the graph above stands for a letter in Boseman's full name.)

Ruling Passion 1.

One is the most frequently occurring number value in his name (found in letters A, J, S). This 1 Passion indicates a person who is highly independent, an original thinker, with unique ideas and methods, who will resist just going along with the mainstream.

The Line of Achievement (1, 5, 9).

Boseman's achievement would be fulfilled through developing original, innovative ideas, taking on challenging projects, and maintaining a high degree of integrity and leadership.

Secondary Line of the Directorin perfect balance (two circles each on 3, 6, 9).

Adding weight to the Line of Achievement is a secondary line called The Line of the Head—or The Line of the Director. This Line strongly suggests that this is a person who would be able to lead by organizing and presenting ideas and concepts, and who would be adept at writing or directing, which were said to be Boseman's initial career choices.


based on his birth date, November 29, 1976

First Pinnacle (From Birth To Age 27) 22/4

Twenty-two, the “Master Builder,” gives a possibility of developing a visionary perspective, demanding a broad outlook, ability to work with many others on sometimes large-scale projects, and the development of patience, skill, and long-range planning. Difficulties during Pinnacle 22 lead to an early determination to make a difference in the world. Pitfalls: reacting to disappointments or setbacks with bitterness, resentment, or perennial victim mentality.

First Challenge (from Birth to Age 27) 0

A Zero Challenge is the indicator for being at the level of development called an “Old Soul.” A soul with a zero challenge is accepting (or asking for) a life journey that requires mastering many skills and challenges in order to complete a karmic lesson or to pay off an outstanding karmic debt.

Second Pinnacle (from 28 to Age 36) 16/7

A time of searching for meaning and purpose; setbacks; encountering unusual situations; possible personal tragedies or betrayal; development of faith, expertise.

Second Challenge (From 28 to Age 36) 3

Increased interest in expressing creative ideas; may have unusual roles for which to prepare.

Third Pinnacle (from 37 to Age 45) 11/2

Potential for fame, celebrity, being a role model, conveying an important spiritual message. Love, marriage, partnership, artistic interests.

Third Challenge (from 37 to Age 45) 3

Continued desire for creative expression; high potential for fame with accompanying 11/2 Pinnacle

Fourth Pinnacle (from 46 to end of life) 16/7

Had Boseman lived, he may have started focusing on writing and directing; he would have had a deeply spiritual message.

Fourth Challenge (from 46 to end of life) 3

Creative expression would have continued, unless blocked by an unusual circumstance.

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