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September 22, 2009 Message for SS

"What can I do to change my luck?" 


I'm a soon to be 57-year- old woman.  I'm single and own my business with one of my daughters. I definitely need to do more for my future in terms of taking care of myself through older years. I'm stuck on opening door number one that shows me all of the potential problem sides of aging: being alone, no financial security, no health insurance, not a possible
chance of thinking RETIREMENT ever. 

Then there is door number two: which opens to potential relationship, travel, not over- working at a physically demanding job all of my days and having someone else to help with all of the responsibilities that I carry alone.  Since I'm living in the countryside, potential
for relationship change is dismal, and the physical demands on my time and
energy are extreme. I feel between a rock and a hard place.  What can I do to change my luck?

Dear SS 

It sounds like you have achieved some very important goals in establishing a business of your own with your daughter, so let's applaud you on that.  But it also sounds like you are worn out with the sheer effort of owning your own business.  I assume that door number 2 as you call it, is not yet a reality, because--as things stand-- you can see no way to stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, and smell the roses.

You are what we call an Old Soul (I seem to attract many emails from Old Souls these days) which means that your soul decided on some specific lessons this lifetime--which is definitely not an easy lifetime by the look of your numbers below (which is a numeric synopsis I use for these messages.)

From the age of 54 onwards, you are under the influence of 9 (Fourth Pinnacle) and 7 (Fourth Challenge.)  Somehow this situation that you have created for yourself (out in the country with little social life) is part of your life plan.  You have a 7 Destiny--the path of someone who develops strong intuition and completely self-reliant motivation.  My guess is that what may complicate things a little for you is a strong tendency to want to do things yourself so they are done the way you think they should be done.  This is so important to you that you may inadvertently cut off help from others without realizing it. Perhaps, you unconsciously feel a need to pay heed to an internal system of "rightness" that is quite taxing on your system.  You have that Karmic 19/1 day of birth which hints at past patterns in a previous lifetime, where you may have made a decision that cost you mightily--perhaps even your life.  Now you have no intention of letting others have control over you, or giving anyone a chance to find your vulnerability.

How to change your luck--or more to the point, how to find more happiness now--not waiting for door number two to open?

Be gentle on yourself. First, we always must become aware of how our beliefs and accepted view of reality limits us.  We listen for the amount of time spent lamenting our problems or in negative self-talk.  As an old soul, I know you understand this already, but it's always good to remind ourselves that Law of Attraction is always matching our resident frequency or vibration--our dominant "broadcast" to the world.

Focus on moments of happiness within the day. Your 9 Heart's Desire craves to feel accepted, useful, and to make a difference in the world (although you have little use for those you might call slackers.)  Your joy now comes from learning to stay in the moment, and keep in touch with where the energy is going. 

Start to simplify.  See where you might eliminate parts of your schedule or expenses that are non-essential. 

Notice how things go better when you are less tired. 

Ask for support and guidance before going to sleep each night. Notice the first thing(s) that comes to mind each morning.  With your strong 7's I think that you have a strong trust that everything will work out, especially during those times you have had a chance to rest and put your feet up, have a cup of tea with someone you love.  You need to take care of yourself NOW, not fret endlessly about the future, which is a waste of precious present energy.  Of course, you do what you can to make good choices that will have an impact on the future.  But each day must be its own reward.

I know this sounds easier said than done, but give it some thought.  What can you do today to make SMALL adjustments and get a little bit more peace of mind--and physical energy?

I have an intuition that you have been a person of some authority who was very successful through your own efforts or inventions in a past life--and that you achieved a lot.  You may unconsciously feel you are not living up to past potential, but this life is more about spiritual awareness learned through trying new things and being independent.

With deepest regard for your spiritual path,



DESTINY    7     The Expert, a path of acquiring knowledge and wisdom--requires quietude and nature; deeply intuitive

BIRTH PATH 1    Your natural characteristics are independent, candid, original, and courageous, especially on behalf of others,  

HEART'S DESIRE 9    Humanitarian.  Desire to do the right thing, be tolerant of others, to expand one's understanding of philosophy and spirituality.  To give without thought of reward.

HABIT CHALLENGE 6   Tendency to be over-responsibile, to over-do, to work without rest; to worry about things that may never come to pass.

FOURTH PINNACLE (age 54 to end of life)    9  Your Heart's Desire!  A time to deepen understanding of self and others; good fortune; up and down emotionally at times if life gets too chaotic, or there is little chance to recover energy.  Tendency to over-give if not careful. Lots of love available--wide range of friends and aquaintances.  Travel related to helping others or teaching perhaps in a foreign country.

FOURTH CHALLENGE (age 54 to end of life) 7  Your Destiny number!  Beginning to see how things fit together.  Enjoyment of freedom and solitude.  Great interest in spirituality, meditation, (yoga would be EXTREMELY helpful now--but start slow.)  


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