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Changing Your House Energy

I have a question that I hope you can help me with.  I live in a '4" home and work in a "4" office.  I am always feeling overwhelmed and overworked.  What do i need to do to balance this energy or calm it down?

Thanks so much!

Dear Donna,

I notice that the first letter of your first name, Donna is also a 4 (D.)  The whole name, Donna, however, adds up to 3--the number of creativity, fun, joy, and love of acitivity.  Your first vowel 1s an indicator of what motivates you deep in your heart. This first vowel (O = 6) is an important part of your heart's desire number (also called the Soul's Urge.) I think you have an inordinate desire to always do the responsibile thing.


My guess is that you have a deep need to never find yourself in a position to be "without."  You never want to be accused of not doing everything you can to make life "work out."  The house and office numbers are reminders that in this space, you need to be organized, practical, hard working, and to take charge of your life.

Therefore, the 4 is not the real culprit in making your life so busy and active.  If you use the 4 to organize your time, you may find that some things are time-wasters--busy, yes, but not adding to the overall benefit long-run.  


My advice is to take a hard and realistic look at your weekly schedule. Something has to go--anything that you don't have your heart into.

Something has to be added--YOU. Start off by finding 30 minutes during the week, that you will use only for yourself.  I know this sounds like a drop in the bucket, because we all tend to think we need to make draconian changes to our lives in order to make a difference. That's why we never make these big changes.  The trick is to start with a small change that helps you breathe life back into your day.

Finding thirty minutes or an hour and SAVING IT FOR YOURSELF could change your life. The important KEY to making this work is to mark off the time you have selected AHEAD of time.  Make it just like a dentist appointment.  You don't cancel it.  If something comes up during that slot and you need to reschedule, immediately write in another personal date for the following day or next week. 


  1. SYSTEMATIZE--make a set of folders or boxes where you can easily find things (or where you can toss bills for later payment. Write in your calendar the day you intend to deal with this box, or the most important things in the box.)
  2. PRIORITIZE--make a list each day of the top 3 things you MUST accomplish.
  3. TAKE ACTION. do those top 3 things first.  Be sure to check off your items to feel satisfaction.  If you can do more without much stress, great.
  4. ORGANIZE --add other chores to the list
  5. VISUALIZE--offloading chores to a list helps free the mind, so write down everything--
  6. ACKNOWLEDGE PROGRESS--checking off things gives a sense of closure and rests the mind
  7. WALK--make a habit of walking a few minutes morning or afternoo as a break--this increases efficiency not be mention helping you lose weight and stay healthy

 Let me know how you get along!


May 10, 2007

My answer to a reader who expresses what many people feel when finally taking the plunge and quitting their job. 


Dear Carol

I am a huge believer in the law of attraction and synchronicity; I have recently quit my job because it was absolutely eating at my soul.

In discussing life with so many different people over the years, I think my problem is more common than not.  I just quit "Corporate America" at a bank where 9 out of 10 hated their work but continued being miserable everyday.  The negative energy of the work itself and the environment was pulling me down with it.   I know so many people that are not living with their authentic selves out of fear of what they would do next.  I have taken a blind jump into the universal flow, and can definitely see the frightening aspects of it. 

Congratulate yourself for making a good decision.  Don't look back,
  I feel free and happy again, but broke.
Don't describe yourself as broke--not a good message for Law of Attraction to match.

I am 30 years old and feel very lost and want so badly to find my purpose and make a difference.
You make a difference everyday by the way you are with the people in your life and the people you meet in everyday transactions. I think it's better not to draw a line and make Life Purpose so weighty and all about a JOB or CAREER (as you know from my writing.)  Get a job for now so you don't feel scared or can't pay your bills.  Find something different and relaxing--heck, you could work in a 7 11 store for six months--until you feel drawn to make a more definitive choice (such as maybe going back to school.)
I have read your book about the purpose of life, and James Redfields whole series of books.  Is patience all I am lacking?
For an understanding of your nature, I think the Primary Life Chart will throw some light.

All the best--and don't forget to use the metaphysical wisdom you have learned--write down your ideal job (the conditions, kind of people, commute time, salary, what types of activities you enjoy and match your talents)  Your list is your intention.  Stay happy--and tell a good story to people, such as "I'm exploring new options."  "I'm looking around for a good fit for me." etc.

 Her response:

Thank you so much for responding. You have made very good points and I will use them.

I, like many others, have defined myself by my career.  I guess after putting so many years and money into schooling, the focus remains fixated on the goal of attaining that success I have been working towards.  I will focus on my fortune of a wonderful husband and an exciting next chapter to my life. 


When Life Changes

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Also, April's monthly column is, Listening to Depression.  You may find some good tips there for lifting your mood if it's not so great right now!

I'll be back in California in mid-April.  Ciao, Carol 


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March 3, 2007

I read your March monthly article and found it fascinating.  I've been trying to research the significance of the #22 because of events that have happened within our family this past year.  Maybe you can help me understand.
My sister who was 32 had a gastric bypass and 3 exposed holes in her teeth so she tried to self medicate because the pain was so bad so she took a double shot of tequilla and went shopping.  Later that night:
11/22/05 she got into an accident which involved a guy doing a wheelie on a motorcycle who later died, we began to notice all the events of this tragedy involved #22.
my sister was born 2-24-73
the officer that arrested her, his badge # 54227
the vin number of the man's bike contained the #22
The man was 22
Died on the 22nd of Nov
Born on the 22nd
My sister's trial began on the 22nd
She was not found guilty of manslaughter but found guilty of dui with injury  and to be sentenced on the 22nd
We just found out after trying to appeal that her attorney's license to practice was revoked on 2/13/07 when added together=22
my sister is pregnant and was given the due date of the baby Sept-22nd
My sister has a daughter who's birthday adds up to 22
My grandmother who was her Godmother birthday 2-22
She's scared this is something evil, what would your opinion be?  We have other significance with this number in our family: "is there a way to change the path to be more positive! "
I appreciate your input and recommendations on your theory.
thank you

Dear Randi,



Thanks so much for writing to tell about the appearance of 22 in your sister's life.  The 22, as I understand it, is a master number which means the message is--how do I handle difficulty with integrity and responsibility?  How do I build the life I want and keep my vision strong, yet flexible?  How do I tap into conscious awareness so that I increase my ability to be compassionate to myself and others? 

The 22 is a master at showing us where are thoughts have been going up to now (not all consciously of course,) and bringing results into our life that match the energy of those thoughts and core beliefs.

By noticing the symbolizing, as your sister is doing now, her awareness is growing.  However, the teachings of the numbers are to help us live a positive life and make good choices at each step.

22 isn't evil, but it can present challenges that are part of that person's path of coming into more understanding (some people might say, "coming into the light" (of awareness and personal responsibility)  The trap would be to start fearing the 22, and giving energy to a superstitious, rather than spiritual, perspective. 

The evolved energy of 22 is called the master builder.  Twenty-two is a number reminding us to be a practical visionary--to listen to our intuition, and then take the obvious next step.  The unevolved side of 22 is to deny any responsibility for what happens to us, to feel like a victim of difficult life events, to blame others, to become hardened, cynical, or continue to see ourselves as hopeless. (Please understand, I am not saying any of this is true in this case, but it is the pitfall of seeing the challenges of 22 without realizing that this life--with its challenges-- is the perfect playing field for the life purpose to develop.)

I've worked with many people where the 22 figured prominently in their charts, and they often did have difficult early childhood experiences, or setbacks later in life.  However, the soul has various reasons for an incarnation, and the "master" part of master numbers (such as 11, 22, 33, --99) is to raise the bar on the area in question (for example, 4 tends to be cautious, careful, and persevering.  22/4 then asks you to be practical and persevering, but first imagine what you want to do, and then let synchronicities help draw that toward you. You still need to be perservering, and hold firm to your vision, but also realize that you cannot do what you need to do alone.  You have the guidance of inspiration and intuition--even guides who oversee your progress from the spiritual plane. 

Regarding your question of how to change the path to a positive one, it sounds like your sister has chosen to focus on the "evil" part of 22.  For example, I doubt that the baby born on 22, the daughter born on 22, or the God mother/grandmother born on 22 are part of any evil chain.  This list of synchronicities, in a spiritual sense, is neither good nor bad.  These events just "are."  They happened.

The 22 is an underlying pattern to help your sister and the family become more aware that life is not only lived on a material plane, but that we have a spiritual home as well.  To begin to fear everything and look for evil sets up law of attraction to continue sending difficulties.  Rather, it's more useful to see the 22 as the master teacher to pay attention and be rigorous in looking for the purpose behind the event.  To change energy, I suggest that she use some kind of meaningful affirmation each day to keep the focus on what she wants to attract into her life, not what she doesn't want to attract.  For example, "Today I want to meet good people."  Keep it simple and heartfelt.

Carol Adrienne

November 20, 2006

CAROL'S NOTE:   Donna (not her real name) allowed me to post the edited email below giving me an update on her progress.  For a couple of years, she has been uncertain about whether to change careers, and/or move to another state (M).  When she visited M, things at first started to flow, then the flow seemed to stop.  In the midst of everything she and her husband decided to divorce.  Her finances looked shaky.  She was confused as to the right course-, but staying in the old house was no longer an option.  

Dear Carol,

Have been wanting to let you know how things are going. I finally returned to M after three long months in California. My home has not sold as of yet. And the place I am staying in M is for sale, too, and the owner gave me notice to move by the first of the year.  In addition I found a lump in my breast before I was to leave to come back here. I think 2006 will go down in history for me.

Doing my best to let the universe take me in the direction I need to go. I was offered a job in California on the very day I was to leave for M.   The [cosmetic] company I've been wanting to work for called!  I had gone to the mall with the intention of finding a job at one place, and ended up being offered a job on the spot! It was effortless as you say. This changed everything for me. Now I feel I could go back to M, pack and come home to California for the winter.

I saw your Blog...Emotional difference  between letting go and the resentful or regretful act of giving up. How timely is that thought for me!  During the three very trying months in California I was resentful and regretful about my marriage, my home and M...I felt like I was losing everything I had worked so hard for. How could my husband just throw it all away?

One thing I know is that I have gratitude for all the things that have come into my life since I went on this journey to M.  I began to appreciate  all the gifts I've received since I went on this venture.  I realize that my house in Cal is too big  and I want something else.

As  for my husband I have decided to move on. I realize I've been in limbo for a long time with the relationship.  Years..I'd say.  So with all this in mind and lots of tears I'm at a place where it's ok to let go. In fact I've never felt so much peace with decisions I've made in the last week of being in M. I guess if anyone asked me what happened here...I'd say I found myself in M!!! I am blessed to have had such a journey.   Who knows where I'll go next...I have thought about Washington State.

I want you to know while I was packing I came across my dream book for my store and there was a brochure for [the cosmetic company where she has just been offered the job] right on top...MMM I thought. It just confirms I'm on the right path.

I hope to see you when I get back.
Love D


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