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  Numerology Analysis For Hillary Rodham Clinton October-26-1947
First Name           4  Hillary Practical, persevering
Middle Name          5  Rodham Versatile
Last Name         33/6  Clinton Charismatic; social conscience
Destiny              6  Teacher responsible; family-oriented
Heart's Desire       3  Communicator, politically astute
Personality          3  Communicator  public speaker, social
Habit Challenge      2  Sensitive to partnership issues
Day of Birth        26  Generous, powerful, and confident
Birthpath            3  Communicator, speaker, writer, 
.                       political thinker
Realization          9  Humanitarian Goals, service to the masses

This name has the Line of Focus of the Director, showing a person with a tremendous capacity to oversee and make important, policy-making decisions. No letters are missing, giving Hillary access to all the qualities of the nine numbers.

SUMMARY. It's no wonder that Hillary was in the White House as First Lady with this powerful name. Her Line of Focus shows that she was well-equipped to handle large and complex issues, and to have a say in policy. However, with her Destiny 6, her role was focused on wife, mother, and advocate for health, women, and children (not so much as the Sole Command number 1 Destiny of just plain, Hillary Clinton (see the other analysis of that name.)

Numerology Analysis For Hillary Diane Rodham October-26-1947
First Name       4 Hillary Practical,dedicated,somewhat formal
Middle Name      6 Diane   Responsible, family ties
Last Name        5 Rodham  Versatile, political
Destiny          6 Teacher Responsible, family ties
Heart's Desire   3 Communicator, creative
Personality      3 Communicator, networker
Habit Challenge  9 Visionary, less interested in details
KARMIC LESSON(S) 2 Partnership challenges; impatience
Day of Birth    26 Generous, confident, authoritative
Birthpath        3 Communicator, politician
Realization      9 Humanitarian, global impact

Hillary's Grid shows the Line of Achievement (1,5,9). Her karmic lesson in 2 has brought her many challenges in her marriage and other relationships. She also has perfect balance (one circle each) in her Line of Independence and Talent (vertical line of 1,2, 3), highlighting someone with gifts and strong ambition.

SUMMARY. Hillary Diane Rodham was born to be a communicator (3 BirthPath), and has the ability to speak to an audience (3 Personality). Her Destiny lies in taking responsibility (6 Destiny). Hillary's own definition of herself is as a wife, mother, grandmother, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State—all positions of responsibility. In addition, she sees her mission as an advocate for women and children—all part of the same service- and family-oriented 6 energy.

Her Ultimate Goal of 9 shows that her purpose in life is to reach out to serve the masses. Her life purpose takes her around the globe, to foster peace, education, and humanitarian efforts.

The name Hillary Diane Rodham is the foundation of her life purpose, even though she has other current names, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. (see my other analyses for these names.)


Are you curious about what the numbers reveal about the life plan for Pope Francis?

Here is a brief numerological synopsis of his birth name. Does it seem to indicate the purpose for his life?

The Pope was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on December 17, 1936, in Argentina.

Numerology Analysis For His Holiness Pope Francis, 
born Jorge Mario Bergoglio December-17-1936
First Name          1 Jorge   Leadership; integrity
Middle Name      11/2 Mario   Charismatic, inspirational
Last Name           9 Bergoglio  Humanitarian; global impact
Destiny             3 Communicator, optimist, compelling
Heart's Desire      8 Executive action, worldly knowledge
Personality      13/4 Transformer agent for reform, practical
Habit Challenge  19/1 Humble leader, authentic
KARMIC LESSON(S)    8 Lessons about greed, misuse of resources
Day of Birth       17 Brilliant thinker(1); spiritual leader(7)
Birthpath           3 Communicator
Goal or Realization 6 Teacher, nurturer, Holy Father
Physically          3 Out-going loves children story-teller
Mentally            2 Good-memory understanding patient
Emotionally         6 Demonstrative nurturing adviser
Spiritually         8 Strongest plane of expression; his
.                     authority (EIGHT) is the spiritual realm

Energy Grid for Jorge Mario Bergoglio

(birth name of Pope Francis)

Not surprisingly, this numerology Grid highlights the exact attributes we find when we consider the purpose of the life and message of Pope Francis.

The power of this Grid shows up in the rather rare Line of Focus 3,6,9 (where he has the most numbers circled).

His Ruling Passion (most numbers) is NINE, the number of service to the masses, compassion, and forgiveness.

The 3,6,9 Line is called The Line of the Director.

On this Line of the Director he has five NINES—service to the masses.

Not only does he have many NINES, but he also has four SIXES, meaning that he will be serve as a teacher and parent (Holy Father).

Since his birth name lacks EIGHTS, his Karmic Lesson is where he must express himself. EIGHT is the realm of the right use of power, money, and authority. His Karmic Lesson is to remind us of the true nature of power—the power to work for the common good (NINES), especially in the service of families and children (SIXES).

Interestingly, the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio has an EIGHT Heart's Desire (see above), which further encourages the Pope to address the issues of problems caused by worshiping money.

"If politics must truly be at the service of the human person, it follows that it cannot be a slave to the economy and finance. Politics is, instead, an expression of our compelling need to live as one, in order to build as one the greatest common good: that of a community which sacrifices particular interests in order to share, in justice and peace, its goods, its interests, its social life. I do not underestimate the difficulty that this involves, but I encourage you in this effort." - Pope Francis addressing the United States Congress September 23, 2015.

LAST WORD: The name Francis has a SEVEN Destiny—indicating deep spirituality, love of nature, and simplicity.


Below are brief individual numerology analyses for the five recipients of this year's Kennedy Center Awards. 

To compare their expressions in the world, I have also excerpted the three core numbers of their Birth Path (natural talents), Destiny (what they are drawn to achieve), and Realization (a prominent area of Outcome).

For example, Greene, Hanks, and Sting all have a 1 Birthpath--the pioneer and outstanding achiever. Hanks and Tomlin each have the Master Number 33/6 Destiny--promise of exceptional impact on others.  Tomlin and McBride each have the Master Number 11/2 Realization number--the promise of becoming inspirational to others.

Comparison of Birth Path, Destiny, Realization

  • Patricia Lee McBride   Principal Ballerina for NY City Ballet (Birth Path 2--Artistic, Destiny 9--Emotional, Cultural Impact, Realization 11/2--Inspirational Celebrity)
  • Tom Hanks  (Thomas Jeffrey Hanks) Actor, Filmmaker (Birth Path 1--Heroic and Unique, Destiny 33/6--Master Teacher, Realization 7--Wisdom)
  • Lily Tomlin  (Mary Jean Tomlin) Comedian, Writer, Producer (Birth Path 5--Change Agent, Destiny 33/6--Master Teacher, Realization11/2--Inspirational Celebrity)
  • Al Greene (Albert Greene, known as the Reverend Al Greene) Vocalist-Songwriter (Birth Path 1--Role Model and Unique, Destiny 4--Tangible Success, Realization 5--Change Agent)
  • Sting  (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) Musician, Songwriter, Philanthropist (Birth Path 1--Unique Role Model, Destiny 5--Change Agent, Realization 6--Teacher/Service)
NUMEROLOGY ANALYSIS FOR PATRICIA MCBRIDE (30 year career as Principal Ballerina for NY City Ballet

One of the five 2014 recipients of the Honor Medallion awarded for lifetime achievement in the performing arts by the Kennedy Center, Patricia McBride is a ballerina who spent nearly 30 years dancing with the New York City Ballet. McBride joined the New York City Ballet in 1959. She became a principal in 1961, making her the company’s youngest principal.

In the 30 years she spent dancing with the company she had numerous roles created for her by George Balanchine. McBride was honored with a special performance of the City Ballet on June 4, 1989 at the New York State Theater New York City's Lincoln Center on her retirement.

She is the Associate Artistic Director and Master Teacher of Charlotte Ballet. She, her husband Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, and two children reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Patricia Lee McBride
Principal Ballerina for New York City Ballet
Patricia          5 Active; Athletic; Performer; Versatile
Lee            13/4 Active; Disciplined; Hard-working
McBride           9 Dramatic; Cultured; Influential; Talented
Destiny           9 The Arts; Humanitarian; World-wide Travel
Heart's Desire    8 Ambitious; Executive; Driven to Excel
Personality       1 Leader; Outstanding; High Achiever
KARMIC LESSON(S)  6 Ability to Work in Group; Conflicts w/Marriage
KARMIC LESSON(S)  8 Attention to Finances; Not Motivated by Money
Day of Birth     23 Active; Expressive; Outgoing; Performer
Birthpath         2 Artistic; Exceptional Timing; Acting; Arts
Realization    11/2 Inspirer; Celebrity; The Limelight

The name Grid for McBride shows the Line of Achievement (1,5,9) with the emphasis on the number NINE (the arts, world recognition, culture, music, travel).

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