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Numerology Analysis For Erin L E Pattee June-22-1960

Erin Brockovich, the reknowned environmental activist was born Erin L E Pattee (according to my web search). Brockovich became known following her ground-breaking work as a paralegal on a pro bono real estate case, when she discovered that Pacific Gas and Electric, a California public utility company, was contaminating a town's water supply. She then knocked on doors to discuss the problem with residents and helped plaintiffs win $333 million in damages in one of the largest class-action lawsuits in history. Afterwards, a film was made about her life, starring Julia Roberts. Please see the additional numerology analysis for the name Erin Brockovich. Here is what Erin's birth name highlighted:

First Name  Erin                  1   Leader, fearless integrity
Middle Name L                     3   Communicator, creative
Middle Name E                     5   Rebel, progressive
Last Name   Pattee             22/4   Mastery in material efforts
Destiny                           4  Doer, activist, environmental concerns
Heart's Desire                    3  Communicator, bring positive message
Personality                    19/1  Influencer, leader, whistle-blower
Habit Challenge                   3  Need to stay positive, develop communication
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  4  Develop perseverance, earth-related focus
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  6  Responsibility; teacher
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  8  Confront power, financial interests
Day of Birth                   22/4  Mastery in overcoming obstacles, vision
Birthpath                         8  Executive, opinion leader, authoritative
Realization                       3  Communicator, foster optimism
Physically                        5  Active impulsive adaptable rebel
Mentally                          1  Quick sharp smart thinks outside the box
Emotionally                       3  Upbeat, good social skills, loves life
Spiritually                       3  Intuitive persuasive optimistic

Her Name Grid has the Line of Achievement (1, 5, 9). The number 5 occurs the most times, indicating a person with a natural ability to broadcast ideas.

Numerology analysis for secondary name for
environmental activist
Erin Brockovich
First Name  Erin                  1  Leader, fearless integrity 
Last Name   Brockovich            7  Research; skeptic; truth-teller
Destiny                           8  Executive, confront authority; corporations
Heart's Desire                    8  Executive, bring justice, opinion-leader
Personality                       9  Humanitarian bring justice, help many people
Habit Challenge                14/5  Rebellious, karmic crusader energy
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  1  Develop self-confidence, doing what's right
KARMIC LESSON(S)                  7  Faith
Day of Birth                   22/4  Mastery in peserverance, vision
Birthpath                         8  Executive, decisive, assertive
Realization                    16/7  Outsider, karmic mission to reveal truth
Physically                        3  Out-going energetic communicator
Mentally                          1  Quick sharp witty original thinker
Emotionally                       6  Committed demonstrative anxious
Spiritually                       4  Pragmatic, loyal, persevering

The Name Grid for her secondary name of Erin Brockovich shows the Line of the Director (3/6/9)

With this name, her energy is centered into the role of leader, spokesperson, and communicator to a large audience (highest number is 9, the number of the masses). The power of this line is beautifully manifested through the movie titled with her name, starring Julia Roberts, about her role in the biggest settlement on record for a civil class action lawsuit.

         Numerology Delineation For Hillary Clinton October-26-1947
First Name                           4  Hillary Persevering, dedicated; hard-working
Last Name                         33/6  Clinton Master Number; Inspiring Messenger
Destiny                              1  Leader, Executive, Pioneer
Heart's Desire                    14/5  Rebel, Game-changer; political
Personality                       14/5  Rebel, Controversial; political
Habit Challenge                   14/5  Impulsive, potentially resistant
KARMIC LESSON(S)                     4  Need for flexibility and organization
Day of Birth                        26  Powerful, confident, decisive
Birthpath                            3  Communicator, political mind
Realization                          4  Doer; builder; law-maker
FOURTH PINNACLE (52 to end of life)  4  Realizes goals; builder; law-maker
FOURTH CHALLENGE (52 to end of life) 2  Partnership; diplomacy

With this name, Hillary Clinton has the Line of The Director, which focuses her on intellectual achievements, leadership, and commanding power. Her missing 4 reminds her of the need to stay committed to goals until everything is accomplished. She must have good organizers around her to help her accomplish her mission.

SUMMARY. The name Hillary Clinton is a strong name for her presidential run.  First, it has the Destiny number 1 of sole command, suggesting she will have opportunity to excel and pioneer.  Second, the name pattern further accentuates leadership with the Line of Focus of The Director. 

Furthermore, the name Clinton is the charismatic Master Number 33 vibration, which supercharges her own original 6 Destiny. The appearance three times of the karmic 14/5 in her Heart's Desire, Personality, and Habit Challenge areas suggest that this could be the culmination of many lifetimes of being something of a rebel, revolutionary, or controversial public official.

This name gives her the best potential to be the pioneering first woman President of the United States.

  Numerology Analysis For Hillary Rodham Clinton October-26-1947
First Name           4  Hillary Practical, persevering
Middle Name          5  Rodham Versatile
Last Name         33/6  Clinton Charismatic; social conscience
Destiny              6  Teacher responsible; family-oriented
Heart's Desire       3  Communicator, politically astute
Personality          3  Communicator  public speaker, social
Habit Challenge      2  Sensitive to partnership issues
Day of Birth        26  Generous, powerful, and confident
Birthpath            3  Communicator, speaker, writer, 
.                       political thinker
Realization          9  Humanitarian Goals, service to the masses

This name has the Line of Focus of the Director, showing a person with a tremendous capacity to oversee and make important, policy-making decisions. No letters are missing, giving Hillary access to all the qualities of the nine numbers.

SUMMARY. It's no wonder that Hillary was in the White House as First Lady with this powerful name. Her Line of Focus shows that she was well-equipped to handle large and complex issues, and to have a say in policy. However, with her Destiny 6, her role was focused on wife, mother, and advocate for health, women, and children (not so much as the Sole Command number 1 Destiny of just plain, Hillary Clinton (see the other analysis of that name.)

Numerology Analysis For Hillary Diane Rodham October-26-1947
First Name       4 Hillary Practical,dedicated,somewhat formal
Middle Name      6 Diane   Responsible, family ties
Last Name        5 Rodham  Versatile, political
Destiny          6 Teacher Responsible, family ties
Heart's Desire   3 Communicator, creative
Personality      3 Communicator, networker
Habit Challenge  9 Visionary, less interested in details
KARMIC LESSON(S) 2 Partnership challenges; impatience
Day of Birth    26 Generous, confident, authoritative
Birthpath        3 Communicator, politician
Realization      9 Humanitarian, global impact

Hillary's Grid shows the Line of Achievement (1,5,9). Her karmic lesson in 2 has brought her many challenges in her marriage and other relationships. She also has perfect balance (one circle each) in her Line of Independence and Talent (vertical line of 1,2, 3), highlighting someone with gifts and strong ambition.

SUMMARY. Hillary Diane Rodham was born to be a communicator (3 BirthPath), and has the ability to speak to an audience (3 Personality). Her Destiny lies in taking responsibility (6 Destiny). Hillary's own definition of herself is as a wife, mother, grandmother, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State—all positions of responsibility. In addition, she sees her mission as an advocate for women and children—all part of the same service- and family-oriented 6 energy.

Her Ultimate Goal of 9 shows that her purpose in life is to reach out to serve the masses. Her life purpose takes her around the globe, to foster peace, education, and humanitarian efforts.

The name Hillary Diane Rodham is the foundation of her life purpose, even though she has other current names, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. (see my other analyses for these names.)

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