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Family, Purpose, Spark, and Future Finances 11/02/06

Hello Carol:

I am in a 9 year and am trying to let go of the old and begin anew. I am
very grateful for so many blessings in my life - a wonderful family, a
comfortable home, and life in a great community. I am struggling with "finding my


I have worked from home for 15 years.

My priority is that my family come first, but that I am also able to do work that makes me happy.

My business is stable, but doesn't provide the "spark" that it used to.

I also worry about my husband who has smoked for over 30 years.

How do I find my purpose?

How do I move forward and find career happiness when I have been unable to help my husband and sibling move forward?

How do you trust that where you are going is the right direction?

I appreciate your time and value your opinion.  PH

Dear PH,

As soon as I read your note, I had the strong feeling that the number 6 would figure prominently in your numerology chart, and so it does.  Here are a few of your major numbers

Day of Birth           3      (communicator and creative synthesizer)

Full Birth Path         6      (responsibility, concern for others, family, service, stability, working from home).  Sixes frequently feel guilty about something.  In your case you feel guilty for being happy when your sibling is struggling.

Sixes also tend to worry--in this case about your husband, his smoking and the possibility of having to be the major bread winner if he goes before you do.

Heart's Desire   6      Again, most sixes have home and family as priorities--and, characteristically, you chose to work out of the home as well.  Sixes love their home and their comforts!

Originally, you probably chose your business for its stability factor--but now you feel little or no spark.  However, when you made this choice, I am assuming  it felt logical and fit your nature.  One question to ponder for a few weeks is, what makes me feel sparked?  Write a list, and keep a journal of ideas.  Watch your dreams for messages.

Personality       6      Again, as a 6, you appear to others as highly stable, productive, caring and responsible.  However, as 6's get a little out of touch with fashion, maybe you need to update your look (I'm just guessing as 6's can sometimes become very maternal in appearance.)

Destiny             3      Here we see again a strong 3 like your DOB.  What are you doing now that is creative?  In looking at your disposition of numbers from your name, I see that you happen to have a perfectly balanced "head line" in your numbers-- which suggests that you may be able to write--anything from articles, something on the Internet, to a book?  You have an exceptional capacity, also as an organizer.  What have you organized?  Have you shared your tips and tricks with others?  Could you work with young women?

You are now 48 years old and entering a completly new phase in life--the 3 Pinnacle--which resonates perfectlyy with your 3 Destiny. In a very real sense, now is the time you've been waiting for all your life!  Your Destiny is to be a communicator, and put together ideas in creative (synthesis) ways.    You should be getting more youthful in personality and approach now, and that's why you are feeling around for that spark.   You already have fulfilled major portions of your purpose in life--all that family!!  Ask the Universe to give you the opportunity to interact with people in a social and lucrative way--to handle lots of tasks in a spontaneous manner, and to enjoy what you do.

As a six, an important lesson for you is to give up thinking you can fix, control, or improve anyone else.  You can, however, be a role model for vibrancy, living life to the fullest, taking new risks, exploring new interests, and being very very healthy yourself (instead of worrying about your husband.) 

In looking at your timing influences since July of  2003, I see that you have an 8 Essence until July of next year.  What does it mean?  An 8 Essence requires you to think bigger, get a firm, clear grip on your finances--which means go over everything with your husband so you understand exactly where you are and what you would have to handle should he be out of the picture.  Your concern about being a breadwinner in the future is most likely partly rooted in uncertainty--natural fears if you don't know what you currently have, owe, etc.  Reviewing all financial matters now, could change your attitude, or open up a new discussion--and even a new interest that could lead to more money.  The need to make money often creates a really creative environment which leads us to ignite that spark in our lives!

All the best, and keep in touch as things evolve.


Was it the right move?

Hi Carol,

I am 50. and have recently moved from Boston, MA to Texas--a move from the same house I’ve lived in all my life since I was born, and where I raised my two two kids. My family is scattered now, and the move felt like something I had to do. It just didn't feel healthy to live there anymore.
Now I am here in Texas, ironically with no family, except my teen-aged children. I know I did the right thing. I know I am here for a purpose.  However, the purpose has not shown its face to me, or maybe I haven’t been looking.  It’s pretty  lonely here, which is understandable, but then it was lonely in the place where I grew up, too. Did I make the right decision to move here?  

As I re-read my question I can see I feeling the overwhelming feeling of moving to a new place, no friends, no family--and hoping that, long  term, everything will work out.  SS.

Dear SS,
    Good for you for making this big move!  I looked at your numerology chart and here is what I think.  It looks to me like during the last two years, you have felt a need for closure on something.  This feeling of wanting to put the past to rest galvanized you to make the change.  It’s likely that  you wouldn’t have had the energy to release the events and feelings of the past unless you had literally put yourself in a new place.  It almost doesn’t matter where you moved, in that sense.  It’s the “newness” of this new place that will continue to motivate you to search deeper in your heart for what’s next. You have removed the old expectations about who you are, and now can find a new aspect of yourself.

    Looking at your numbers, I think you are a person whose life revolves more than most around people—family, friends, and social connections.  One of the things you had to learn was "stick-to-itiveness” and you have really done that in Boston.  You hung in there with all the long-term relationships with family and friends in a very intense community, where expectations were probably pretty narrow as to what you were supposed to do to fit in.  Now you have some breathing space, and it feels kind of scary or overwhelming, because you haven’t filled up the space around you (like it was automatically filled up in Boston.)

   You definitely needed a change, and I think that change is still evolving.  You may finish an important phase next year, as you are going into a 9 personal year as of January 2007.  This is a period of reflection in some cases, to think about things, integrate what you have learned, and begin to move forward.  Maybe one of your children will graduate, or there will be some other visible sign of progress.

   Personally, I would think you might move again sometime in 2008.  This first step in Texas may be the place you need to be to find the next step, which you could not have taken from the East Coast.

   In 2007, you will be in a 9 personal year--which favors completion, but at the same time on your birthday you enter into a 1 Essence.  The 1 Essence usually means that something new is going to stimulate you to change your thinking about who you are, or even cause you to make another move (major decisions are best made around or after October 2007.) You will be in the 1 Essence almost continuously until age 58.  A 1 Essence is about new directions, self-confidence, independence, exploration, starting a project, or sometimes being self-employed.  You might also be employed working around mostly men (the 1 rules the masculine.) It’s likely that you will marry again, but this time you need a more equal relationship.

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