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Welcome! August 19, 2006

This Advice Blog page is a response to the many emails I receive asking various questions about problems  finding or fulfilling life purpose.  If you have a short question please email me at  Please limit your questions to 100-200 words. Include your full, original name as shown on the birth certificate, and birth date.  See note below.

Please check my monthly column posting on September 1, 2006 for an in-depth response to a submission.

I am currently on vacation and will begin writing the advice blog at the beginning of September.  Stay tuned! 










NOTE:  Please know that while I deeply appreciate your submissions, I will be able to respond only to those emails that I select for the Advice Blog on this website ( All others will be reviewed as possibilities for future blogs.  If your question is selected, I will contact you. 

Please do not inquire if you have not heard from me.  If your questions are not answered, it may be because the material is of such nature that it would not be suitable for the general reader.  Answers on the Advice Blog do not constitute a full numerology reading as offered in consultations, coaching or the Primary Life Charts available for sale on the website. 

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