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April 11, 2011
Dear Carol, When I thought about the earthquake that occured on 11th March in Tohoku area, I also thought about the events in the US on September 11. Carol, do you think are there any relations of two? Yesterday, I went to hear the lecture of an Eastern Philosopher. He is the well known chinese ancient fourtune telling. March 11th earthquake means that it is a point when history will change. Anyway, If you have got any thoughts, I am happy to have your comments. Best, S.H.


Dear S.H.
Interesting thoughts about the 11th.  Since 11 is one of the Master Numbers, it is always referred to as The Inspirer.

Eleven refers to light, insight, revelation,  which is often delivered through film, TV, and the influence of "celebrity." Obviously, the stunning and unexpected quality of both of these events on an 11th day shocks us into waking up (again and again)  to our limited understanding, vulnerability, and precious time left to do what we came here to do.  These all sound positive, don't they, but how come it takes disasters to wake us up? 

How Can Numbers Define Me?

Question: How can somebody else's idea of a befitting way to refer to me.... define me? My mother chose the letters and order of them in which to pronounce my name...I'm confused as to how this could define me? Even if this label was used to correlate numbers, it's still a label...I could've been called anything and would still be me. I understand numeral and planetary placement impact , which is why I've ordered the chart, but I want to understand how a name could be thought to define me, my essence or my path in any way. Also, why don't your readings require the time of birth? Wouldn't that allow for more exact astrological information? Please clarify, I'd really like to understand. Leah

Answer(s): I agree, that to the casual eye, it does seem impossible that a seemingly random numerical sequence could in any way describe a person's personality and future life. Since ancient times, numerology, like astrology, has been one of the most reliable and trusted metaphysical systems--almost like a language--that enables us to take a deeper look at our lives.

If Life is Not Random
If we believe that life is completely random with no purpose, than these systems seem of no value. If however, we take the view that there is a deeper purpose to our birth, to the events we encounter, to the amazing synchronicities that sometimes change the course of our life, then we intuitively sense that we are connected to an energy field that is larger than just one person.

Numerology is a Symbolic Language that Describes Life Energy Numerology teaches that each letter of the alphabet (reduced to the numbers 1 - 9) symbolizes a type of energy in the world. For instance, number 1 is associated with beginnings, as a seed is planted. It expresses as dynamic, new, different. Number 2 (1 + 1) is associated with union, thus, it rules friendships, partnerships. As a quality, 2 is considered the opposite of dynamic 1--receptive and nurturing. Two gives time for an idea to grow.

Each Soul has a Purpose.

Numerologists recognize that the Soul is coming into life for its own reasons, and that the Soul chooses the parents who can give it the physical genes, early childhood support, (or non-support), and material circumstances, in order for it to best begin and develop its destiny. These concepts are not usually taught in our organized religions (although the possibility of reincarnation seems to have been part of early Christian teachings before the establishment of the Church.) Metaphysical teachings tend to accept the idea that the Soul lives many lifetimes in order to develop and express its energy. Some Souls (with support from their spiritual guides in the spiritual dimension before birth) have very definite purposes. In other cases, a Soul who dies early, or seemingly accidentally, for example, might decide to reincarnate rather quickly, without much reflection in the spiritual realm. A very thorough and fascinating book, Exploring Reincarnation, on this subject was written a few years about by the Dutch author and past-life expert, Hans TenDam.

Parents are Unconciously Connected to the Incoming Soul Therefore, a numerologist would say that whoever names the child (usually a mother or father, but could be a relative) is unconsciously in rapport with the spiritual destiny of the incoming Soul.

Numerology Does not Calculate Using the Time of Birth

Unlike astrology, which uses the time of birth to calculate the position of the stars at one's moment of birth, numerology does not require the time. Numerology calculates many points of information in a "chart", using various aspects of the month, day, and year of birth together with the full birth name as recorded on the birth certificate.

How to Calculate Personal Month
Can you explain how you calculate your personal month.  
If your personal year is 3, is this month of October your 
personal month 10 and is that actually month 1?  
We had a personal consult in NYC several years ago, 
and hopefully I will be able to have another one sometime soon.
Thank you.  Ann 

Hi Ann,

No, Here's how it works. If your Personal Year is 3, you add "3" to each of the calendar month numbers. So, for example, your Personal year is 3. Therefore:

January is the first month, so you add 1 (for the first month) + 3

(your personal year) = 4 Personal Month for January.

February = 2 + 3 = 5 Personal Month

March = 3 + 3 = 6 PM

April = 4 + 3 = 7 PM

May = 5 + 3 = 8PM

June = 6 + 3 = 9pm

July = 7 + 3 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 PM

Aug = 8 + 3 = 11 = 2 PM

Sept = 9 + 3 = 3 PM

Oct = 10 + 3 = 13 = (1+3) 4 PM

Nov = 11 + 3 = 14 (1+4)= 5 PM

Dec = 12 + 3 = 15 (1+5) = 6 PM

Good Number for License Plate?
Hi Carol!
I hope all is well!
I am contemplating changing the license plate on my car.  
I have a personalized plate that adds up to a 4.  What 
would be an ideal number for a car?  

I had written you last year about the "4" in my home 
and office, and I was sitting here tonight thinking of 
changing my plate, and had never added it up until now, 
and again, the 4 came up!  Obviously something for me
to learn!  Life has calmed down some, by the way, since
I implemented some of your suggestions
from last year.
Thank you for your insight!

Hi Donna,
Good question, but I cannot say there is any "ideal" 
number for a license plate.  You might see which of 
the descriptions most appeal to you below.  
Remember, one aspect of the influence is the 
TOTAL of all your chosen numbers. Secondly, 
look at the individual numbers that make up 
the total.  It's like a secret language when 

you understand the number "vocabulary!"


Possible Meanings in terms of License Plates

1 "I am going places!

2 "I break for squirrels."

3 "I'm on vacation every day."

4 "I get good mileage."

5 "This car is powered by vegetable oil."

6 "Baby on board."

7 "I'm a proud Prius owner."

8 "My other cars are a Rolls, BMW, & Mercedes."

9 "Hooray for community gardens and solar power."

Numbers in the Clouds?
Hi Carol,

On July 25 (double 7's I realized later), my family

and I were driving home from dinner and a movie.

When looking up in the sky to find cloud shapes

(like we always do), my husband and I saw numbers

in clouds and they were underlined. These were

the numbers: 7 7 4 4 6 just like this--all in a row.
Since I am a number lover (and I know you are too!),

I felt this was some sort of message for me. I'm hoping

 you might have some insight on this. My birthday is 
5-17-1973. Let me know if anything pops out at you. 
I love the double numbers and then the 6, which is my 
life path. Don't know if that's how it's "supposed" to read, 
but I find it so fascinating and I hope you will too.
Thanks, Stephanie
Dear Stephanie,
Wow, those numbers must have made quite a display!  
If we take the meaning of each number in the sequence we could say
the message is, that for you and your husband, it's time to:
7  7  Slow down, look at the deeper purpose of your life
4 4   
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