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Good Number for License Plate?
Hi Carol!
I hope all is well!
I am contemplating changing the license plate on my car.  
I have a personalized plate that adds up to a 4.  What 
would be an ideal number for a car?  

I had written you last year about the "4" in my home 
and office, and I was sitting here tonight thinking of 
changing my plate, and had never added it up until now, 
and again, the 4 came up!  Obviously something for me
to learn!  Life has calmed down some, by the way, since
I implemented some of your suggestions
from last year.
Thank you for your insight!

Hi Donna,
Good question, but I cannot say there is any "ideal" 
number for a license plate.  You might see which of 
the descriptions most appeal to you below.  
Remember, one aspect of the influence is the 
TOTAL of all your chosen numbers. Secondly, 
look at the individual numbers that make up 
the total.  It's like a secret language when 

you understand the number "vocabulary!"


Possible Meanings in terms of License Plates

1 "I am going places!

2 "I break for squirrels."

3 "I'm on vacation every day."

4 "I get good mileage."

5 "This car is powered by vegetable oil."

6 "Baby on board."

7 "I'm a proud Prius owner."

8 "My other cars are a Rolls, BMW, & Mercedes."

9 "Hooray for community gardens and solar power."

Numbers in the Clouds?
Hi Carol,

On July 25 (double 7's I realized later), my family

and I were driving home from dinner and a movie.

When looking up in the sky to find cloud shapes

(like we always do), my husband and I saw numbers

in clouds and they were underlined. These were

the numbers: 7 7 4 4 6 just like this--all in a row.
Since I am a number lover (and I know you are too!),

I felt this was some sort of message for me. I'm hoping

 you might have some insight on this. My birthday is 
5-17-1973. Let me know if anything pops out at you. 
I love the double numbers and then the 6, which is my 
life path. Don't know if that's how it's "supposed" to read, 
but I find it so fascinating and I hope you will too.
Thanks, Stephanie
Dear Stephanie,
Wow, those numbers must have made quite a display!  
If we take the meaning of each number in the sequence we could say
the message is, that for you and your husband, it's time to:
7  7  Slow down, look at the deeper purpose of your life
4 4   
When Does the Personal Year Start?

"Hello Carol,I can not wait to see my weekly free numerology report each week. Many thanks for this. I am currently in a 2 year....does this mean in December I go into a 3 year? What is correct Birthday to Birthday or year to year? So three is an expansive Jupiter year? So will I have to be careful in this area? Is this correct? Love and Blessings Gale"  

Dear Gale, There are two schools of thought in numerology. One says thatthe Personal Year starts on your birthday, the other says it starts January 1, ends December 31st of each year. I subscribe to the latter. Therefore, I would say that you will be in a 3 Personal Year starting January 1, 2011. Yes, you are right. The number 3 is considered a time for a refreshing element to blow through our lives (as you will read each week next year in in the numerology forecast.)

How does my email address affect me numerologically?


Dear Carol,

I've been wanting to change my email address.  Does is matter or how much does it matter what number my email address is?  Do I count the extension (, etc) in the calculation?
Hi Christine,

Regarding your question:  Does it matter what the email name adds up to?  It matters if you pay attention to its selection, and put some energy into choosing a particular number.  Your intention for the number is to attract that "energy, activity, outcome, person, etc" into your life.  Working out what the total value is, based on the letters and numbers is fun.  Your understanding of that number (i.e. whether you like it or not, or whether you are trying to avoid something or attract something) begins to give it significance.  
Does it greatly affect your life?  I have no way to answer that, but if you like numerology enough to work it out, I'd say do it intentionally!

Of course, in choosing a total outcome, you'll be thinking about which number is the "right" or "wrong" total number for the address.  However, I'd think more in terms of what the number signifies.  Each number has its opportunities and strengths and point of view and frequency. 
Numbers that resonate with your favorite number or are the same as numbers in your numerology chart certainly give you a sense of connection and highlights your intention to attract good things.  I'd say create an address first, and then work it out numerologically.  You have to like seeing and using your address, and it should be easy to convey to others, so be sure to look at it practically, as well as spiritually!

Regarding the idea of adding in the extension letters, for example, or, these are more "generic" influences that many people share.  You can work out the full address with the extension, but I think the most potent part of the email address is your private address, so I would look most closely at the outcome total of that part of the email address.

Keep in touch, and let me know what you finally do with your address,
Message for MK September 27, 2009


"How do I deal with a narcissistic co-worker?"Recently my position at my job has changed. I previously was the Director of the Recreation Department with a staff of 5. I have a new administrator who has hired a good friend to change the direction of the department overall.  So now I am just one of the staff.  Due to changes the staff within the department has changed as well. One co-worker is very difficult to deal with he is very narcissistic, arrogant and manipulative with everyone he encounters  It has not been easy to step down. Please give me advice, if you would, on how to deal with the situation. I live in {X State} and the job market is horrible! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dear MK,

I can understand how you might feel having to step down, plus deal with this type of personality in your co-worker.  Without trying to do a complete analysis of your whole numerology chart, I'll say this:

Your birthday numbers (called Birthpath) add up to 19/1, which is one of the four karmic numbers.  The 19/1 occurs a second time as a lifetime Challenge number--so it begins to seem an important element in your journey.

Nineteen (reducing to 1) is the reminder that you have to learn to stand up for yourself when the occasion arises.  You may feel unconsciously that it's a little scary to "stick your neck out" because in a previous life you may, indeed, suffered dire consequences for being different, being out of synch with your milieu.  This lifetime is another opportunity to be courageous when tyring to get into alignment with circumstances that make you happy (which this doesn't sound like it's doing, at present.)  Psychologically, you might be projecting your own inner conflict on this guy (not that I doubt that he really is self-centered)  But that's just the kind of person who is a good teacher for us.  In this case, I'd advise becoming aware of how much you resent his narcissism--and how much you need to be a little more self-directed (not narcissistic, of course.)  What you complain about in him, is a projection of what you need to do a little more of in your own case.  This is kind of hard to talk about in a sterile email note here, so I am trusting that you will get the point, or email me if you think I'm crazy!

Numerologically, you are i a 3 year in 2009 with a 3 Essence. Both 3's are encouraging you to be creative with your time and self-expression.  Try focusing on things that give you energy, more than worrying about this situation.  Writing, crafting, listening to music, taking up a hobby all help you focus on YOU.

This man is a teacher for you at this time, so silently bless him whenever you are around him (I know this sounds crazy) for being such a generous person.  Do this for a week or two.  Let me know what happens.






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