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ANALYSIS OF AARON SWARTZ, Internet Activist and Founder of Reddit


Numerology Delineation For
Aaron Hillel Swartz
First Name           22/4 Aaron Master Builder; Public Awareness
Middle Name             4 Hillel  Builder; Systems; Programming
Last Name               8 Swartz Professional; Authoritative
Destiny                 7 Expert   Reveals Truth; Investigator
Heart's Desire       14/5 Rebel  Activism for Change; Freedom
Personality             2 Peacemaker Sensitive; Reflective; Analytical
Habit Challenge         8 Has to confront powerful forces
KARMIC LESSON(S)        4 Learns to persevere with determination
KARMIC LESSON(S)        7 Search for truth; victim of betrayal; 
Day of Birth            8 Professional decisive; authoritative
Birthpath               7 Expert  Investigator; reveals truth
Realization          14/5 Rebel  Champion of social change, freedom
Physically              3 Out-going energetic creative
Mentally                6 Thoughtful serious counselor
Emotionally             5 Passionate, not willing to let go
Spiritually             3 Psychic persuasive optimistic
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 29) 19/1 
Nineteen is a karmic number involving public activity that requires courage, pioneering leadership; desire for truth, but no desire for fame FIRST CHALLENGE (from Birth to age 29) 6 Responsibility; may indicate suffering for the good of others or martyrdom
Overview Chart
The Grid--(based on the number values of the letters in his name) Swartz has the Line of Accomplishment going from 1 to 5 to 9. The four ONES in his name show strong intelligence, innovativeness, and independence of thinking. His "Head Line" --( horizontal line 3 to 6 to 9) is balanced in THREE and NINE, indicating a strong mental grasp of ideas and the the ability to express himself with clarity.
ANALYSIS OF SHARYL ATTKISSON, Author, News Anchor, and Investigative Reporter
Numerology Delineation For
Sharyl Attkisson
First Name       11/2 Sharyl An Inspirer; Media Celebrity
Last Name        11/2 Attkisson An Inspirer; Messenger
Destiny          22/4 Master-Builder; Raising Awareness
Heart's Desire      6 Teacher Sharing Information
Personality         7 Expert  Investigating, Discovering, Revealing
Habit Challenge     6 Determination; Speaking out
KARMIC LESSON(S)    4 Must learn to persevere; find the facts
Day of Birth       26 Confident, intelligent, professional, courageous
Birthpath           8 Powerful; executive ability; professional
Realization         3 Communicator; Messenger; Writer; Speaker
Physically          1 Active outstanding enthusiastic
Mentally            6 Thoughtful serious counselor
Emotionally         5 Passionate, not willing to let go
Spiritually         3 Intuitive persuasive optimistic
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 28)    9 Broad world view
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 28)   7 Desire to analyze
SECOND PINNACLE (29 to 37)   16/7 Investigator
SECOND CHALLENGE (29 to 37)     0 Old Soul; intuitive
THIRD PINNACLE (38 to 46)       7 Investigator
THIRD CHALLENGE (38 to 46)      7 Search for truth; betrayals
FOURTH PINNACLE (47 to end)     9 Broad contact with the world
FOURTH CHALLENGE (47 to end)    7 Educator; investigator
The Grid--(based on the number values of the letters in her name) Ms. Attkisson has the rather uncommon Line of Independence and Developing One's Talents, through the five ONES, three TWOS, and one THREE. Her work has very much depended on that driving force of independent thinking and courage of the pioneering energy of ONE. As a secondary influence, the letters of her name also give her perfect balance on the Line of Fame (the diagonal line connecting 3,5,7.)

The death in August, 2014 of American actor and comedian, Robin McLaurin Williams, was widely mourned.

Acclaimed for his brilliantly observant wit and ability for mimicry, Williams was an outstanding performer in both comedy and drama. His film career included work such as Popeye, Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Night at the Museum among others. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting. Always exploring every kind of performance, he received numerous other Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Williams was born on July 21, 1951. In his chart, the number THREE occurs in several core numbers. THREE perfectly equips him with a variety of talents for comedy, acting, spontaneous improvisation (his forte), music, and writing. In addition, his name contains five letters with a value of THREE as shown on the Grid below, which further strengthens all the THREES in his core numbers. With this many influences of THREE in his chart, his need for expressing ideas and wit was absolutely unstoppable.

Destiny 13/4 Karmic overtones requiring perseverance; learning to break through obstacles; transformation of problems; reinventing the career several times

Birth Path 8 Professional acclaim; ambitious; capable of work in the high-stress entertainment business; professional awards; high income

Day of Birth 21/3 Communicator, imaginative, performer, charismatic, comedian, youthful, joyful

Mental Plane Number 3 Witty, creative, imaginative, upbeat, multi-talented

Balance Number 3 A life-long challenge to make use of creativity and self-expression; also implies a tendency to be child-like at times, impulsive, extravagant; challenge to stay positive; possibility for periods of depression

Realization Number 3 Recognition for being charismatic, a brilliant communicator; highly expressive; takes humor to new levels


The Grid for Williams shows two powerfully weighted Lines of Focus. First is the Line of Achievement (1,5,9) with six NINES providing him with a huge talent in the arts, theater, and a world-wide stage on which to appear. His generosity NINE was widely appreciated, and he was not considered to be ego-centric (fewer ONES than NINES). His second Line, equally powerful, is the Line of the Head or sometimes called the Line of the Director. With such ahuge number of THREES (five of them), he is talented in all forms of the arts. The Line of the Head suggests that this is a man with abundant talent (the THREES), who is original, brilliant, and who may be recognized by a large audience (the NINES).


World No. 1 female tennis player, Serena Williams won her third consecutive US Open title this past Sunday. She is regarded by some experts and former tennis players to be the greatest female tennis player in history. Along with her sister, Venus, Serena Williams has been credited with launching a new era of power and athleticism in women's tennis. Her long list of achievements includes four Olympic gold medals. She is the first female player to win over fifty million dollars.

Let's take a peek at how the numbers in her chart reflect her outstanding achievements.

Serena 8 Powerful, authoritative, top-ranked sports professional, money

Jameka 5 Active, versatile, quick, adaptable, energetic, performer

Williams 8 Double emphasis on power, sports, professional achievement, money

Destiny 3 Charismatic, optimistic, talented, playful

Heart's Desire 19/1 Leader, ambitious, born to excel if she puts her mind to it

Birth Path 9 Powerful, dramatic, world-reknown, generous, philosophical

Day of Birth 26/8 Another EIGHT highlighting focus, work, control, achievement, money

Williams won her first title in 2002 at age twenty-one. At that phase of life, her Influencing Numbers (from birth to age twenty-seven) were an EIGHT with a ONE challenge. EIGHT gave her focus, ambition, and professional opportunities. ONE gave her the motivation to become number one. Adding to her potential for success were the specific yearly ONE Essences between 2002 and 2006, giving her a chance to continue to excel and gain confidence. From age twenty-eight to thirty-six, Williams benefits from the influence of NINE, which matches her Birth Path NINE. Adding to the mix is her powerful master number FORTY-FOUR Essence (EIGHT), which gives her exceptional championship potential for at least another year.


In Williams' Grid above, we see her fantastic Line of Achievement (1,5, 9), massively centered in seven ONES. Notice that two FOURS give her physical strength, determination to succeed, and the ability to practice over and over again (fueled by her ONE Heart's Desire to win!)


Joan Rivers, the American comedian, actress, writer, producer, and television host recently passed away at age eighty-one.

An icon in the entertainment business, Rivers was the queen of re-inventing herself. Outspoken, self-deprecating, and always funny, Rivers first came to prominence in 1965 on the Tonight Show. She considered Johnny Carson her mentor. While she went on to become the first female host of a late night show, she lost Carson as a friend as she had failed to speak with him before accepting the offer.

Rivers authored twelve books, wrote and acted for the stage, hosted her own reality show with her beloved daughter, Melissa, and was a red-carpet interviewer of celebrities. She is widely known for her humorous anecdotes regarding her cosmetic surgery.

A brief numerological analysis of Joan Rivers, born Joan Alexandra Molinsky on June 8, 1933 shows that she had what it takes to become a star—fearless self-confidence and originality (1), talent (3), perseverance (4), and executive ability (8).

Joan 4 Determined, hard-working, persistent, down-to-earth

Alexandra 8 Powerful, executive ability, assertive, business-like, professional

Molinsky 1 Pioneer, intelligent, witty, original, ambitious, self-motivated

Destiny 13/4 Overcomes challenges, transforms obstacles to opportunities, hard-working

Heart's Desire 1 To express originality, competitive, assertive, unique, independent

Personality 3 Communicator, comedic, youthful, sociable, idea-person, charismatic

Day of Birth 8 Professional, powerful, assertive, business-like

Birth Path 3 Communicator, comedic, youthful, sociable, idea-person, charismatic

Realization 7 Spiritual challenges bring insight, becomes an expert


The name Grid for Joan Alexandra Molinsky shows her Ruling Passion (most frequently occurring number) to be ONE, clearly pointing to a life of ambitious goals, unique expression, creativity, and pioneering actions. Her Line of Focus (1,5,9 ) is the Line of Achievement, with strength for originality, self-promotion, and ever-developing talent (ONES). Her Karmic Lesson EIGHT, gave her many opportunities to learn about worldly power, self-empowerment, dealing with authority, and handling financial matters with good judgment, without which she could not truly achieve her goals.

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