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Jeffrey Preston Bezos--founder of
Numerology Delineation For
Jeffrey Preston Bezos
First Name      Jeffrey    3  Creative thinker
Middle Name     Preston    8  Executive ability
Last Name       Bezos   22/4  Master Builder; Big Networks
Destiny                 33/6  Mastery of large-scale responsibility; 
messianic urge to achieve results
Heart's Desire      5  Change agent; revolutionary; multi-faceted
Personality         1  Leader; dynamic; pioneer
Habit Challenge  19/1  Perfectionistic; driven; blunt
KARMIC LESSON(S)    3  Must learn to communicate; love of writing
KARMIC LESSON(S)    4  Impatient with rules and routine
Day of Birth       12  Magnetic, expressive, impulsive
Birthpath           6  Responsible, opinionated, loyal; the boss;
perfect match for his 6 Destiny = success
Realization         3  Marketing, communications, synthesizer; wealth
Physically          5  Active impulsive adaptable
Mentally            4  Practical planner realistic
Emotionally         6  Committed demonstrative anxious
Spiritually         4  Self-controlled conventional ceremonial
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 30)    4
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 30)   2
SECOND PINNACLE (31 to 39)      5
SECOND CHALLENGE (31 to 39)     1
THIRD PINNACLE (40 to 48)       9
THIRD CHALLENGE (40 to 48)      1
FOURTH PINNACLE (49 to end)     3
FOURTH CHALLENGE (49 to end)    1

The letters in Bezos' name create the Line of Accomplishment (1,5,9.) His Ruling Passion is 5 (five 5's), which gives him curiosity about many subjects, and a desire to reach out to many people, as demonstrated by his globally dominant on-line retail store, His next strongest number, 6 (four 6's,) gives him the ability to take risks and be very successful in business. Interestingly, his karmic number 3 rules the written word, and Bezos first concentrated on selling books with This is an example of how our karmic lessons (missing letters in our name) can predict an area on which we may come to focus. --numerology profile
Numerology Delineation For
Amazon Com
First Name     Amazon    7  Expertise; discovery; technology
Last Name      Com       4  Practical; organized; fundamental
Destiny               11/2  Inspirational;famous;network; connections 
Heart's Desire        14/5  Revolutionary; mass-market; diversity
Personality              6  Service; responsibility; business-like
Habit Challenge          9  Global reach; diversity
KARMIC LESSON(S)         2  
KARMIC LESSON(S)         7
KARMIC LESSON(S)         9
Day of Birth            28  Unique; pioneer; ambitious; competitive
Birthpath             13/4  Transformer of traditional methods
Realization              6  Service; responsibility; success
Physically               3  Out-going; active; appealing; creative
Mentally                 3  Creative marketing; optimistic; 
Emotionally              3  Witty; social; seductive
Spiritually              0  Intuitive; innovative; surprising

Using the full name of gives the company the Line of Focus of The General, which seems appropriate for the massive logistics involved in this on-line commerce site.

Starbucks--numerology profile
Numerology Delineation For
First Name Starbucks      6  Service, comfort, tradition
Destiny                   6  Service, comfort, tradition
Heart's Desire            4  Reliable, basic, standardized
Personality               2  Peaceful, harmonious, social, friendly
Habit Challenge           9  World-wide reach; eco/humanitarian values
Day of Birth             30  Creative, social, energizing, pleasant
Birthpath                 3  Social, convivial, creative, spontaneous
Realization               9  Humanitarian, global reach, integrity
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 33)  6 Service, responsibility, aligned to
6 Destiny
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 33) 0 Great potential; appeals to many
SECOND PINNACLE (34 to 42)    9 Continued expansion; fulfillment
SECOND CHALLENGE (34 to 42)   3 Needs to stay creative and competitive
THIRD PINNACLE (43 to 51)     6 Continued success in service
THIRD CHALLENGE (43 to 51)    3
FOURTH PINNACLE (52 to end)   9 May expand products or services
FOURTH CHALLENGE (52 to end)  3 Aligned with Realization number

STARBUCKS has the Line of Talent, Individuality, and Originality with all its letters being 1's,2's, and 3's, with one lone 9. This Line allows for a supremely recognizable brand in far-flung locations.

This company must concentrate on providing a clear image of its brand (1), serve people's need to nourish themselves in a peaceful environment (2's), and provide an easy-going experience for a quick rest or social interaction (3). The 9 indicates the potential for service on a world-wide scale, through providing a universally appealing and dependable product from diverse international regions.

Analysis of Tom Clancy's name

Profile of Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy, an American author best known for his espionage, military science and technological thrillers died on October 1, 2012 at age 66. Clancy worked as an insurance broker before writing his first novel, The Hunt for Red October, in 1984. Ten of his books were No. 1 on The New York Times' best-seller list. More than 50 million copies of his books have been printed, and four have been made into movies.

What can we learn from analyzing the numerology of the shortened form of his original name, Thomas Leo Clancy? How did his pen name give us clues to such phenomenal success?

Numerology Delineation For
Tom Clancy
First Name               3  Tom      Creative; imaginative
Last Name             22/4  Clancy   The Master Builder
Destiny                  7  Expert in military science & espionage
Heart's Desire        14/5  Adventurous and ground-breaking
Personality           11/2  Inspirational celebrity
Habit Challenge          9  Powerful/dramatic/friend of presidents
KARMIC LESSON(S)         8  Lessons in wealth, power, and authority
KARMIC LESSON(S)         9  Global reach; power; wealth
Day of Birth            12  Magnetic, creative, expressive
Birthpath                1  Leader, pioneer in genre, writer
Realization              8  Authority, author, wealth, status, power
Physically               2  Quiet sensitive task-oriented
Mentally                 1  Quick sharp witty
Emotionally              5  Passionate, tenacious, versatile, 
Spiritually              1  Intuitive idealistic independent
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 35)   7  Period of study, research
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 35)  1  Need to excel; ambition
SECOND PINNACLE (36 to 44)     6  Responsibility, family
SECOND CHALLENGE (36 to 44)    0  Mark of Old Soul
THIRD PINNACLE (45 to 53)   13/4  Transformations; karmic debts paid
THIRD CHALLENGE (45 to 53)     1  Expressing talent; best-seller 
FOURTH PINNACLE (54 to end)    7  Destiny fulfilled; the expert
FOURTH CHALLENGE (54 to end)   1  Leadership; integrity; pioneer

Tom Clancy, author The above Grid for the abbreviated pen name of Tom Clancy is an excellent illustration of the power acquired through taking a secondary name. The shortened name, Tom Clancy, which made him famous as a best-selling author, becomes even stronger, numerology-wise, than his full original name, Thomas Leo Clancy (Jr.) Line of Talent, 1,2,3 For example, the name Tom Clancy gives him two Lines of Focus. The first one is the vertical Line of Talent—1,2,3. This Line shows a heavy number of 3's, which indicates a person with exceptional ability to express creative ideas through combined media. Line of Fame, 3,5,7 The second line of focus is the diagonal Line of Fame—3,5,7, indicating potential for becoming well-known. Synergy Together, these two energy vectors contain enormous potential for fame and recognition, most likely from developing creative ideas (3's)--which Clancy did, not only through novels, but also through games, a television mini-series, and several hugely popular feature films. And there's more...! As if these two Lines of Focus were not enough to indicate a potential for success, Clancy's Grid also shows perfect balance in two more Lines. He has perfect balance (1 each of 1,4,7) in The Line of Foundation. This Line highlights ideas and innovation (1), practical knowledge(4), and technical expertise (especially naval history (7)). It was his grasp of technical details and realism that captured the imagination of readers, game-players, and film-goers. Finally, this stupendous Grid shows a second line with perfect balance in The Line of the General (4,5,6)! No coincidence that his artistic themes centered on military science.

Analysis of author Tom Clancy's birth name
Numerology Delineation For
Thomas Leo Clancy
First Name        22/4  Thomas—Master Builder/Visionary
Middle Name          5  Leo   --Adventurer
Last Name         22/4  Clancy—Master Builder/Visionary
Destiny           13/4  Transformer of Espionage Genre
Heart's Desire       8  Executive -published author, expert
Personality       14/5  Rebel -Adventurer
Habit Challenge      6  Strong opinions, security-minded
KARMIC LESSON(S)     9  Finish a karmic debt
Day of Birth        12  Magnetic, creative, expressive
Birthpath            1  Leader -unique, talented
Realization          5  Adventurer—Mass popularity
Physically           3  Out-going energetic socialable
Mentally             4  Practical planner realistic
Emotionally          7  Selective, needs solitude
Spiritually          1  Intuitive idealistic independent
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 35)   7 Development phase; study
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 35)  1 Learn to believe in himself
SECOND PINNACLE (36 to 44)     6 Responsibility
SECOND CHALLENGE (36 to 44)    0 Unlimited potential
THIRD PINNACLE (45 to 53)   13/4 Finish of karmic debts
THIRD CHALLENGE (45 to 53)     1 Changes in focus, identity
FOURTH PINNACLE (54 to end)    7 Recognition as expert
FOURTH CHALLENGE (54 to end)   1 Leadership, prominence

                            Table of Events
Thomas Leo Clancy—original name Grid

The letters in Clancy's name form the vertical Line of Talent—1,2,3, with an emphasis on the number 3 (4 3's). Number 3 indicates success in the combined arts—books, TV, games, and films, all fields for which he became widely known!

Now let's look at the changes in Clancy's core number and Grid when he shortens his name to his nom de plume of Tom Clancy.

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