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Luce was born Ann Clare Boothe in New York City on March 10, 1903. Her parents, though never married, separated in 1912. Her father, a sophisticated man and brilliant violinist, had trouble holding down jobs as a traveling salesman. Apparently, early in life Luce felt a sense of inferiority about the humble social status of her unwed parents. As we shall see in our next example, her married name more than compensated for any lacks and catapulted her to fame and fortune. She was to become an acclaimed writer, playwright, United States Congresswoman, friend to presidents, and the first woman to be appointed to US ambassador. In the beginning....


DESTINY 7 Trust and Spirituality. Ann Clare Boothe's original Destiny 7, a number which brings challenges as well as special gifts. This Destiny foretells a life in which periods of disappointments lead to spiritual searching (she became a Catholic as an adult after the death of her daughter in a car accident).

BIRTHPATH 8 Power, Money, Authority. No surprise that Ann Clare Boothe succeeded in several fields of endeavor and married into wealth twice. Her 8 Birth Path foretells a life of high status, and endows her with ambition, executive ability, and an indomitable will to succeed.

PERSONALITY AND DAY OF BIRTH 1—Pioneer, writer, leader. These two 1's indicate an ability to successfully direct her forceful personality throughout life. She was known to get almost anything she put her mind to.

ACHIEVEMENT. The diagonal Line of Focus1,5, 9, (on the Grid below with the circles) signifies a strong will, even more strengthened by her pragmatic, ambitious 8 Birth Path.

EMOTIONAL MASTERY. The Line of the Heart (2,5, 8 on the Grid below) highlights an outstanding ability to interact and connect with people. She is naturally equipped to succeed as an actress, playwright, author, congresswoman, and in the social role and duties of her ambassadorship.

COMPELLING KARMA. Despite the individual strength of having two Lines of Focus, they intersect over the number 5. This “cross over the mouth” often signifies either a fear of public criticism or a desire to make her ideas known despite criticism. Her early insecurities about her family background could have been a critical motivator (albeit unconscious) pushing her toward ever more social prominence.

TIMING OF PURPOSE, ACHIEVEMENT, AND LEARNING. The numbers of Luce's 4 Pinnacles and Challenges outline an almost textbook description of her life activities from her writing success, marriage, to her social power and political life.

Numerology Delineation For
Ann Clare Boothe
First Name      11/2 Ann  Celebrity-status, inspirational
Middle Name        3 Clare   Creative, communicative, charming
Last Name       11/2 Boothe  Celebrity-status, inspirational
Destiny            7 Expert  Spiritual seeker, focused,intelligent, 
feels special, connoisseur of people and things
Heart's Desire     6 Desire of acceptance; comfort, beauty, family
Personality        1 Leader, strong, direct, ambitious
Habit Challenge 14/5 Headstrong, outspoken, mercurial
KARMIC LESSON(S)   4 Learn self-discipline, abhorrence of poverty
KARMIC LESSON(S)   7 Lessons of trust
Day of Birth      10 Bold, confident, achiever, pioneer
Birthpath          8 Executive, confident, powerful
Realization        6 Sense of responsibility, role model
Physically         4 Disciplined, organized, determined
Mentally           3 Creative, talented, optimistic, easily-bored
Emotionally        6 Committed, demonstrative, anxious
Spiritually        1 Idealistic, independent, different
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 28)  4 Early financial hardships
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 28) 2 Married a millionaire at age 20
SECOND PINNACLE (29 to 37)    5 Freedom, exploration, plays, politics
SECOND CHALLENGE (29 to 37)   3 Writing, plays, film, divorce, child
THIRD PINNACLE (38 to 46)     9 New opportunities, social status, 
Congress-person, wealth, married to Henry Luce; at 41, lost daughter
THIRD CHALLENGE (38 to 46)    1 Acclaim; leadership roles
FOURTH PINNACLE (47 to end)   7  Spiritual development
FOURTH CHALLENGE (47 to end)  1 Ambition, leadership, independence
Name Grid

Line of Focus 1,5,9--Line of Achievement shows potential for success.

Line of Focus 2,5,8--Line of the Heart shows strong people skills, and ability to motivate and charm. “Cross Over the Mouth” indicates possible inhibition, secrecy, or drive to overcome inferiority.

Secondary Line 1, 2, 3--While not a highlighted Line, this Line of Talent and Individual Expression is in perfect balance, indicating a remarkable ability to focus her talents in a productive expression when she puts her mind to it. Now, let's look at what changes when she changes her name after marriage.



DESTINY 19/1 With her married name, Luce now focuses on a life of achievement, power, and recognition, which she fulfilled with by her own efforts as a writer, playwright, congresswoman, and the first United States woman ambassador. Her high status marriage to publishing mogul, Henry Luce (Time, Life, and Fortune magazines) only gave her more access to power and people in high places. A Washington fixture, she moved in the same circles as nine presidents-- from Roosevelt to Reagan.

HEART'S DESIRE 22 gives her an almost unstoppable motivation to influence or change large organizations or systems. This number of the “Master Builder” drives her to promote her political policies and to wield power.

PERSONALITY 6 and HABIT CHALLENGE 6 may account for her becoming more conservative with age. Her often opinionated expression (often a pitfall of a 6 Challenge) in political circles did create setbacks and enmities, most significantly of which lead her to serve only four days of her appointment as ambassador to Brazil in 1959.

REALIZATION (ULTIMATE GOAL) 9 shows the potential for world-wide influence, wealth, and high social status, all of which were hallmarks of her high-profile life.

Numerology Delineation For
Clare Boothe Luce
First Name            3  Clare  Creative, communicator, social
Middle Name        11/2  Boothe Charismatic, famous
Last Name             5  Luce   Active, bold, political
Destiny            19/1  Influencer  Leader, political, pioneer
Heart's Desire     22/4  Master-Builder  Determined, motivator
Personality           6  Teacher  Opinionated, conservative
Habit Challenge       6  Opinionated, lifelong family issues
KARMIC LESSON(S)      4  Need to learn follow-through, abhors poverty
KARMIC LESSON(S)      7  Need to develop spiritual (took LSD)
Day of Birth         10  Realistic and achieving
Birthpath             8  Executive, wealthy, high social status
Realization           9  Humanitarian, world-wide player
Name Gridclare_boothe_luce.gif 

LINE OF THE DIRECTOR 3,6, 9. Now her Grid fairly pulsates with self-expression and social influence. Note the massive energy of the FIVE 3's radiating out in the Line of the Head (3,6, 9). These 3's show her marked ability to socialize, find creative solutions, and express her ideas as a writer, politician, social leader, and stateswoman. Her position as the wife of arguably the most influential publisher of his time extended the reach of her abilities to communicate through these 3's.

LINE OF INDIVIDUAL TALENT 3,2,1. If the intellectual mastery of the Line of the Head (3, 6, 9) were not enough, Luce also acquired the Line of Talent (centered on the combined arts of the 3's).

LINE OF FAME AND RECOGNITION 3, 5, 7 delivers the final thrust to accelerate her to a high social position. This Line gives the potential to become a world-wide recognized celebrity.

Interestingly, however, the lack of a circle on the number 7 (one of her original karmic numbers) indicates that she may have trouble relating to the common man, or of not being able to reach as wide an audience as she would hope for. In fact, her life and views were controversial and she lived in a highly public—and not always harmonious--fishbowl.

Name changes do affect our focus and direction in life.

The transition from the name Ann Clare Boothe to Clare Boothe Luce is a powerfully clear example of how we might understand the seemingly amazing developments of a person's journey through analyzing the changes in his or her name. While the name gives only a potential for development, the innate energies represent the calling of our ever-unfolding spiritual destiny.

If you are interested to read an in-depth look at her life, you may want to get author Sylvia Jukes Morris's two-volume biography:  Rage for Fame: The Ascent of Clare Boothe Luce (May, 1997) and Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce (June, 2014.)

Forecast for 2014



  OF 2014:

Individual number vibrations in 2014:


Two represents a millennial challenge of sustainability requiring on-going adherence to global co-operation over rampant consumerism. (Hmmm. How long will this take?) Two favors use of dialogue and diplomacy over reactive military action. The qualities of Two represent the feminine archetype in human character and values, leaning towards co-existence, peaceful engagement, and co-producing. The natural action of Two tends toward negotiation in search of mutually beneficial outcomes. Two emphasizes the benefits of peace, conservation, recycling, patience, empathy, and balance. The guiding principle of Two is the interconnectedness of all beings and systems.


Zero represents undifferentiated potential. Depending on other influences occurring in a century, yearly challenges are likely to be unprecedented—and to push humankind's consciousness into new realms of awareness. Zero also reminds us of the unlimited potential for humans to circumvent the dangers of ignorance and destructive flaws by rising to new planetary stewardship. Zero presents opportunities to strip away obstacles created by ignorance, out-moded thinking, and sets the stage for pioneering breakthroughs. Zero inspires humankind to think and act from a non-linear, intuitive, or spiritual perspective.


One represents the qualities of action, courage, and advancement. One pushes technological advancements beyond current borders. One is the number of innovation and pioneering discoveries.


Four calls for balancing, restructuring, and building more stability in all systems.  Four brings us back to the importance of basic elements such as, air quality, water resources, agricultural production, forests, and commodities.  Governments may become more restrictive and controlling of their citizens. On the other hand, or citizens may rebel and demand better oversight of public services, long-term good management, reliable banking, and sustainable commerce.

(2014) The Fourteen aspect in the year is one of the Karmic Numbers in numerology.  The Fourteen energy could very possibly stimulate big changes, allowing for unexpectedly quick changes of regime or resolutions of problem areas and conflicts.

Fourteen tends to bring change for new growth, and favors innovative methods—sometimes unexpectedly and without warning. Fourteen reminds us of the laws of karma, and brings opportunities to right imbalances and bring justice. Fourteen brings a chance to increase freedom, reorganization, and progressive practices.  We may see breakthroughs for women living in oppressive circumstances.

In 2014 Fourteen may bring breakthrough discoveries in medicine, or innovations in healing addiction processes. Fourteen may bring more emphasis on prevention and well-being in health care. It's possible that addiction will be highlighted, particularly the destructive aspects of high-level sugar consumption.  Under Fourteen, change is often accompanied by conflict, such as is found in the current controversy and upheaval in the United States about the Affordable Health Care Act.


The Universal Year number is found by adding all the numbers in the year:

2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7 Universal Year vibration

 2014 is a Universal 7 Year

Seven is the number representing humanity's spiritual aspirations, sense of purpose and meaning, and need for listening to the wisdom within.  It rules knowledge gained by intuition, psychic ability, wisdom and deep understanding, research into the unknown, development of technology, earth and water, and spiritual development.
Seven brings information to the surface, so look for more scandals, covert actions revealed, or other revelations of deception.  
Seven is the premier number for what happens beneath the surface. The global controversies about surveillance and privacy are likely to become even more of a heated issue. 
In response, we could see new technology offering ways to detect, prevent, or circumvent monitoring. If you wish to listen to a perfect example of seven's focus on technology and secrecy, click on a recent video of a talk by Jacob Applebaum. He is an independent computer security researcher and hacker, and was employed by the University of Washington. He talks from experience about the extent of the NSA's practices and processes of surveillance—and exactly how our own electronic devices are being co-opted and monitored in secret. The video can be seen at While much of his talk is technical, his message is quite riveting and relevant to each and every one of us. You may be quite surprised by some of the things he reveals, especially if you think you have nothing to hide or that your own activities or interests don't merit any particular scrutiny.
Seven is a number of technology, so of course we'll continue to see research in pharmaceutical, military, and technical advancements, especially at the increasingly microscopic and nano-level. DNA research is likely to become an area of focus in medical diagnoses and genetic treatments.
Seven is inner-directed. While some industries (especially medicine, research, technology, and education) will do well, over-all financial growth may slow down for awhile.
Seven resonates at deep natural rhythms, so we will continue to see increases in sudden weather-related breakdowns or volcanic eruptions (especially with the 14 combination in 2014--14 rules unexpected changes, breakdowns, or chaos). Managing water resources is likely to become much more urgent. Contaminated sites or landfill sites may suddenly require immediate remediation. Underground problems or breakdowns of infrastructure are likely to increase.
Seven is the number often associated with simplifying and streamlining, cleansing, and detoxifying. Many of us will feel the urge to downshift, let go of stuff, recycle, or lose excessive weight (in all areas).
Seven searches for spiritual guidance and meaning; we may hear about cults or charismatic leaders. Many of us may decide to return to our spiritual traditions or find new avenues for connecting to meaningful practices.

On my Weekly Forecast page, I explain how to find your Personal Year number. You may wonder: How might my Personal Year number be modified by the 7 Universal Year?

In 2014, if you are in a 1 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to LEARN AND GO DEEPER. During 2014, take occasional breaks from routine and look even more deeply into what interests you—and where you know you would grow. How could you shift your viewpoint about a supposed limitation? Requirement: Express your unique qualities and viewpoint.


In 2014, if you are in a 2 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to ENJOY RELATIONSHIPS. If feeling lonely, spend time with activities that nourish your soul. Learn to enjoy solitude, beauty, and nature. Requirement: Go with the flow, and embrace change.


In 2014, if you are in a 3 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to EXPRESS CREATIVELY. This is a year to find ways to celebrate life with enthusiasm. Requirement: Be more positive in thinking and speaking.


In 2014, if you are in a 4 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to GO BACK TO BASICS. It's time to streamline, organize, and simplify. Requirement: Be honest about what is working and what is not working. Improve communication skills.


In 2014, if you are in a 5 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to EXPLORE SOMETHING NEW. This year many unexpected shifts may surprise and amaze you. You may be in a very different place by the end of 2014 than you would have expected. Requirement: Notice how synchronicity paves your way.


In 2014, if you are in a 6 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to work out a balance between the call of duty and the personal desire for freedom from restriction. Requirement: Be courageous about speaking up for what you believe in. Learn and grow stronger from frustrations.


In 2014, if you are in a 7 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to DEVELOP SELF-UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE. Follow your thirst for knowledge. Requirement: Look at the world from a spiritual point view that things are as they are for a reason.


In 2014, if you are in an 8 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to DEVELOP PERSEVERANCE AND MAGNETIZE WHAT YOU DESIRE RATHER THAN FORCE THINGS TO HAPPEN. You may do best when you give your best efforts, and then watch to see where the flow is taking you. Requirement: Commitment to what you do best. Developing better skills or understanding of issues.


In 2014, if you are in a 9 Personal Year, the 7 Universal Year encourages you to BE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT Of THE WORLD. Events may bring you to a completely new level of understanding, inspiration, or lifestyle this year. Requirement: Selflessness. Kindness. Let go of that which you have outgrown.

No matter what happens, trust that you are always moving in the direction of your life purpose.  Enjoy 2014!

Jeffrey Preston Bezos--founder of
Numerology Delineation For
Jeffrey Preston Bezos
First Name      Jeffrey    3  Creative thinker
Middle Name     Preston    8  Executive ability
Last Name       Bezos   22/4  Master Builder; Big Networks
Destiny                 33/6  Mastery of large-scale responsibility; 
messianic urge to achieve results
Heart's Desire      5  Change agent; revolutionary; multi-faceted
Personality         1  Leader; dynamic; pioneer
Habit Challenge  19/1  Perfectionistic; driven; blunt
KARMIC LESSON(S)    3  Must learn to communicate; love of writing
KARMIC LESSON(S)    4  Impatient with rules and routine
Day of Birth       12  Magnetic, expressive, impulsive
Birthpath           6  Responsible, opinionated, loyal; the boss;
perfect match for his 6 Destiny = success
Realization         3  Marketing, communications, synthesizer; wealth
Physically          5  Active impulsive adaptable
Mentally            4  Practical planner realistic
Emotionally         6  Committed demonstrative anxious
Spiritually         4  Self-controlled conventional ceremonial
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 30)    4
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 30)   2
SECOND PINNACLE (31 to 39)      5
SECOND CHALLENGE (31 to 39)     1
THIRD PINNACLE (40 to 48)       9
THIRD CHALLENGE (40 to 48)      1
FOURTH PINNACLE (49 to end)     3
FOURTH CHALLENGE (49 to end)    1

The letters in Bezos' name create the Line of Accomplishment (1,5,9.) His Ruling Passion is 5 (five 5's), which gives him curiosity about many subjects, and a desire to reach out to many people, as demonstrated by his globally dominant on-line retail store, His next strongest number, 6 (four 6's,) gives him the ability to take risks and be very successful in business. Interestingly, his karmic number 3 rules the written word, and Bezos first concentrated on selling books with This is an example of how our karmic lessons (missing letters in our name) can predict an area on which we may come to focus. --numerology profile
Numerology Delineation For
Amazon Com
First Name     Amazon    7  Expertise; discovery; technology
Last Name      Com       4  Practical; organized; fundamental
Destiny               11/2  Inspirational;famous;network; connections 
Heart's Desire        14/5  Revolutionary; mass-market; diversity
Personality              6  Service; responsibility; business-like
Habit Challenge          9  Global reach; diversity
KARMIC LESSON(S)         2  
KARMIC LESSON(S)         7
KARMIC LESSON(S)         9
Day of Birth            28  Unique; pioneer; ambitious; competitive
Birthpath             13/4  Transformer of traditional methods
Realization              6  Service; responsibility; success
Physically               3  Out-going; active; appealing; creative
Mentally                 3  Creative marketing; optimistic; 
Emotionally              3  Witty; social; seductive
Spiritually              0  Intuitive; innovative; surprising

Using the full name of gives the company the Line of Focus of The General, which seems appropriate for the massive logistics involved in this on-line commerce site.

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